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Our courtroom experience translates into knowing how to design a case to solve by going hunting. We are the muscle and heart behind revolutionary actions with national and global impact. The vital work we do in court, government and in our communities helps shape environmental policy and protection. help manufacturers deal with various legal issues related to product development and research. With one of the most diverse legal teams in the country, WSHB works to find solutions to the most complex cases. Communication is not limited to being available when a customer makes a request. It`s about asking the right questions and understanding our clients` goals. Help financial services firms evolve to meet the dynamic needs and objectives of clients, regulators and investors. Our 350+ tested lawyers, working from coast to coast, deliver national services and results. Navigate government regulations, public policy and legislative efforts, and find ways to fund projects. Navigate commercial and regulatory twists and turns as your business continues to chart new paths to success.

Harvest innovations for economic progress, agricultural and food products and the protection of scientific achievements. Advise your business on how to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reasonable regulations so that public and private service and energy customers can finance and protect operations. Avenue de BerlinBldg 318Mons, Wallonia 7000 Belgium We excel in our ability to package a creative fee agreement and provide national services in all aspects of litigation. Diversity of background, experience, race and ethnicity is a core value that deserves support on many levels – from recruitment to training to opportunities. Home / About Us / Executives / Directions / Legal Department / Legal Department Promote biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare and agrosciences by protecting your investments. Market your movies, TV shows, music, games and sports through financing, distribution and licensing. Support schools, colleges, universities and e-learning companies in the competition for innovation in a dynamic field. We are proud to announce our ranking in the top ten on the National Law Journal`s Women in Law Scorecard for 2022. The dashboard ranks the largest law firms in the United States based on female attorney representation.

Rankings are calculated by adding the total percentage of women lawyers in each firm to the percentage of partners who are women.

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