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Sharad Pawar in contact with Mamata Banerjee over Opposition Uniting against the BJP

Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar along with other opposition leaders may be in talks to hold a mega-rally in West Bengal before polls.

Kolkata: After two days of Amit Shah taking over Bengal through Public Rallies and roadshows, TMC head Mamata Banerjee is also preparing for her impending battle to retain her state. In this endeavor, she has recently received support from former Maharashtra Chief Minister and Nationalist Congress Party Head, Sharad Pawar.

This team-up may really boost the TMC’s chances of retaining the CM’s office, as there are very few who are as skilled in the art of politics as Sharad Pawar. Both Pawar and Banerjee worked together and had a good relationship back in their Congress days. A senior NCP Leader aware of the talks said, “Sharad Pawar and Mamata Banerjee share a very cordial relationship since their days in the Congress. During a telephone talk, Sharadji expressed his support to her. He has also expressed his desire to come to Bengal and campaign in favour of the TMC,”

West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamata Banerjee with NCP chief Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar in Talks with Mamata Banerjee

There have apparently been rumors about a massive opposition-led rally in support of Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress. Chief Ministers Captain Amrinder Singh, Bhupesh Baghel, Ashok Gehlot, and Arvind Kejriwal are expected to join the rally. Punjab, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan are run by the congress while the AAP runs Delhi.

Criticism has also been laid on the BJP for using the central government to destabilize West Bengal. This is due to the sudden transfer of three IPS officers in charge of JP Nadda’s convoy, which was attacked with stones during his visit to Bengal last week. Dravida Munettra Kazhagam (DMK) leader MK Stalin also critisized the transfer by the BJP-led centre as “Auto-cratic and anti-federal”

Amit Shah during his recent visit to West Bengal

Banerjee who also criticized these transfers thanked the opposition leaders for their voices of support. She also addressed Amit Shah’s visit to West Bengal during a press conference, calling the BJP a party of “Cheaters” and saying that she will debunk all of Amit Shah’s claims in her upcoming rally. The TMC Head criticized the Home Minister for not cross-checking information.

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