Shooter Season 4 Cancelled?

shooter season 4 cancelled?

Shooter initially was an American action thriller film directed by Antoine Fuqua which came out in 2007 based on a novel Point of Impact written by Stephen Hunter in 1993.

The movie was further developed as a Television Drama series in 2016 by John Hlavin.The show revolves around Bob Lee Swagger the protagonist,who is a retired Marine Corps Sniper in the US.As he lives secluded from the world,Bob Lee Swagger(played Bryan Phillipe) has to come back in action after he learns about the plot to kill the President.

Apart from Bryan Phillipe,the show stars Shantel VanSanten,Cynthia Addai-Robinson,Josh Stewart,Omar Epps,Gerald McRaney,and Eddie McClintock.

The previous seasons have mostly been shot in America with some episodes and shots in Germany and Afghanistan.

shooter season4 cancelled

The first season came out in July 2016 And in November 2017 the second season was released in 2017 and season three in 2018.

Confirmed: Shooter series is cancelled

In 2018 the makers also confirmed that the third season is the finale season hence they made sure that the fans are not left in a cliffhanger and gave proper revelations and ending to the third season in 2018.

The show in it’s official Twitter announced that on September 13th it will be a finale episode.

It’s been more than a year since the the third season released.There has not been any confirmation or news coming from the makers as well.Sadly the show has been cancelled after three seasons by USA Network due to low ratings but according to some reports some other networks like Netflix are trying to pick up the series.

According to some magazines Shooter has been one of the lowest rated series by the USA Network.

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