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Singer Sonu Nigam: My Son won’t be a musician in India

Singer Sonu with son Naviin

Singer Sonu Nigam recently revealed that he doesn’t want his son becoming a singer in India

the Singer with his wife and son

Sonu Nigam has been a consistent member of the voices that made Bollywood. The star has however said that he doesn’t wish his son follows the same career. At least not in India.

Sonu says his son is a born musician but however, he isn’t interested in following his father’s footsteps. Instead Nivaan has shifted his talents to gaming. The singer also said that Naveen is already out of India and living in the UAE

Born Singer-Top Gamer?

In an interview Nigam praised and adored his son’s love for online Battle Royale Game Fortnite. “You know there’s this online game Fortnite? He’s very good at it and he seems to be cultivating his interests in a different field. He is the 2nd best at the Game in the UAE and I won’t ever hinder him from cultivating his own interests.

The singer has said he feels unsafe letting his son develop a career in music in India due to the industry being in the clutches of a single record label i.e. T series. Sonu Nigam and Gulshan Kumar of T series have previously had public disputes where the Sonu alleged that Kumar had asked musicians to speak out against him.

In a video shared by Sonu he warned the producer to pick his battles carefully or else he can expose him. Gulshan Kumar’s wife has denied the singer’s allegations on an Instagram story, stating that people try to control narratives in order to benefit monetarily and it’s shameful.

Sonu Nigam is currently promoting his latest project “Ishwar Ka Vo Sacha Banda.” a devotional song

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