“Siren” season 4: Everything you should know!!

An American television web series, Siren, has its first season launch on March, 2018. It is a hit mermaid series which indicates Freeform’s thriller. The series follows a young mermaid- Ryn who is on a mission to locate her lost sister. On her voyage she deals with much difficulties and distractions.

Mesmerizing cast of the previous “Siren” seasons

All characters laid up a special and different impact on the audiences by their performances. Alex Roe will be enjoying Ben Pownall, as a marine biologist, Eline Powell will be playing Ryn Fisher, a young adult mermaid with a dark secret, Fola Evans-Akingbola will be playing Maddie Bishop, Bon’s girlfriend, and a marine biologist. Lan Verdun will probably be enjoying Xander McClure, a deep sea fisherman. Sibongile Mlambo will probably be playing Donna, a mystical strong mermaid. Rena Owen will be enjoying Helen Hawkins, an eccentric girl understands about merfolk. Tiffany Lonsdale will be enjoying Tia, a mermaid from another tribe. Chad Rook will probably be enjoying Chris Mueller, a fisherman who had been hurt, Donna was taken to a military base. Curtis Lum will probably be enjoying Calvin Lee, an Asian fisherman, and a room of Xander. Ron Yuan will be playing Aldon Decker, a specialist on merpeople, along with a former military worker.

The Plot of “Siren” Season 4

The story takes us to a dreamland of mermaids in a coastal town. The further theme shows contrast between men and sea after the arrival of a mysterious woman, whose presence leads to a return of right to the ocean.

Expected Release date of Siren season 4

Being an optimistic audience, you can expect season 4 of “Siren” despite the pandemic situation could be out till 2021. The show might get back on track after the handling of situations, however, the updates are still pending.


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