South Park Season 24 Episode 2: Release Date, Plot And Many More

South Park Season 25

The first episode of South Park Season 24 was aired on September 30, 2020. And since then we have been waiting for the next episode eagerly. But when will the second episode of the ongoing season premiere?

South Park Season 24 Episode 2: When To Expect?

South Park Season 24

The first episode of the twenty-fourth season premiered recently and thus increased the hype for the upcoming episodes. But the question here is that when are we getting the second episode of South Park Season 24?

As we know that the animation series has already been renewed until 2022. Therefore one thing is sure that we are going to get multiple episodes of the series. Talking about the second episode of the ongoing season, it seems like it is getting delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

The first episode was an hour-long pandemic special episode filmed especially to show relevance with the present situation. But the production for the upcoming seasons has not yet completed. Therefore we need to wait for a little longer before the next episode of South Park Season 24 premieres.

South Park Season 24 Episode 2: Plot

As we know that South Park revolves around the story of four school going kids as well as the residents of South Park who deals with many things in their day to day life. This animated series is known for its realistic portrayal of events.

South Park Season 24

So the first episode of South Park Season 24 was a pandemic special episode. And we saw South Park’s residents struggle with the pandemic. So the upcoming episode might deal with the same plot exploring broader angles. In the previous episode, we saw how the schools have already reponed amid the pandemic. And the kids and other residents are struggling with the ongoing situation.

So likewise we can expect to witness how the residents win through their battle with the pandemic.

We can also expect the upcoming episodes to focus on ongoing events like the 2020 Presidential Elections, the Black Lives Matter protests and many more.

South Park Season 24

Because as stated earlier this animation series leaves no stone unturned in portraying real events in a very satirical tone. And no wonder it is one of the longest-running animated series on American television. So the upcoming episodes of South Park Season 24 are expected to throw light on some ongoing events in the United States.

We just hope that the makers announce a potential release date for the next episode of South Park Season 24.

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