South Park Season 24: Is The Series Getting Renewed Anytime Soon?

South Park Season 24
Source: Comedy Central

South Park has been one of the longest-running animated series. Premiered in 1997 the series has completed 23 successful seasons, and now the fans are anticipating South Park Season 24.

Recently the makers released a pandemic special season which is actually speculated to be the first episode of season 24. But is it actually true?

South Park Season 24: The Pandemic Special Episode

The series recently returned with a pandemic special episode building speculations that it is a part of the new season. The one-hour long episode revolved around the ongoing pandemic CoronaVirus. This special episode was broadcasted on Comedy Central and has got a very high rating.

South Park Season 24
Source: Comedy Central

The makers of the series Trey Parker and Matt Stone penned the entire episode and have produced it as well. Therefore it adds to the speculation that the makers might be working on bringing up an entirely new season. In this special episode, we witnessed the pivotal character Randy’s encounter with the ongoing pandemic. 

In the episode, we saw how the residents of South Park are dealing with the pandemic crisis.

South Park Season 24: Are We Getting A New Season?

After the pandemic special episode we are waiting for an official confirmation from the makers about getting the 24th season of the series. Although last year there were speculations that the series might get a renewal by 2021. But the sudden release of the special episode is telling a completely different story.

South Park Season 24
Source: Comedy Central

Although the makers have not announced anything on whether this episode is a part of the new season. As per the sources, the makers of the show Trey and Matt had hinted that they might not go on making another new season. In a cryptic statement, Matt had said that both of them have already crossed their 40s.

And they don’t think that he can keep on continuing the show. Because it will turn out to be a never-ending loop. So post this statement we cannot assume that this special episode that was aired on September 30 is a part of the new season of South Park.

But if we get another season it might be the continuation of the special episode revolving around the current pandemic crisis. This dark humor animated series has been entertaining its fans by exploring a wide range of storylines. And that is the reason it is still considered as one of the best-animated series in the history of television.

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