South Park Season 24 : Part 2 Release date and Other information

South Park Season 24

South Park has successfully completed 23 seasons as of now. Normally any series does not go this long but this series has done a remarkable.

Their production is doing such a great work that the audience are always ready to get the another season. So, South Park is back with season 24.

All 23 seasons of “South Park” are now available for viewing on HBO Max , you can enjoy it anytime. But due to the depiction of a Muslim figure 5 episodes are removed, but except these 5 all the five episodes are there.

South Park Season 24

“Super Best Friends” from the fifth season, “Cartoon Wars” parts I and II from the 10th season, and “200” and “201” from the 14th season will not be available on HBO Max due to the portrayal of a character based on the Prophet Muhammad.

South Park Season 24 : Part 2 Release date

It is now all but certain that we won’t be getting a regular 22-minute episode per week format this season. So how will we fans enjoy this brand new season? With South Park being so Meta in its commentary, the devil lies in the details.

Towards the end of the Pandemic Special, We see Randy trying to open up to his wife Sharon which he abruptly ends when he finds out Sharon has been smoking despite constantly standing opposed to Randy’s idea of having a pandemic special.

South Park Season 24

South Park season 24 was officially revealed in 2019, as the show was renewed through to 2022 – $500 million was the hefty figure HBO Max paid for the pleasure, proving its enduring popularity. Still, while you’re waiting, you could always try Sassy Justice, a new deepfake satire series from South Park co-creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

South Park Season 24 : Part 2 Cast and Plot

What South Park intends to do this season is to e monthly specials that take place after important events/holidays/occasions. It is most likely the second installment of this season is already on the way with the theme focus being the post-election environment. South Park creators work on a notoriously tight schedule as shown in the documentary Six Days to Air. So it seems just right to assume that part 2 will hit our screens very soon. 

 at the end of the episode, Randy Marsh says “I think I’m gonna do a few more specials”, suggesting this could be the format we enjoy South Park in for the time being. Could we see fewer but longer episodes this season?

South Park Season 24

So much of fun and exciting things are waiting for us. So, fans what are you waiting for do not miss the golden opportunity to watch the series.

Till now, we do not have any official announcement in terms of casting, but we can expect that the casts were there in the last season they all will be there with some new casts as well.

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