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South Park Season 24 Episode 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

South Park Season 25

The South Park Season 24 Episode 2 is being eagerly awaited by the fans.

South Park Season 24 Episode 2: Release Date

South Park Season 24

The first episode of the ongoing season was dropped in September this year. Being the pandemic special episode it was a massive success. Although the animation series has always been receiving immense appreciation from the critics and the audience, the pandemic special episode was unique in its kind.

Because it was a special treat from the makers to all the South Park fans. Talking of the rest of the episodes of South Park Season 24, they are still in the production phase. Because the pandemic outbreak had completely delayed the production.

As per the makers, the work for the upcoming episodes is going on at a high pace. And we can expect the upcoming sets of episodes of South Park Season 24 to be dropped by early 2021.

South Park Season 24

Thus the release of the upcoming episodes is facing a severe delay. The makers had already announced that they made the pandemic special episode to deliver something special for the audience amid the crisis.

Thus it was also revealed that the rest of the episodes are being processed and most probably the second episode will be dropped by early 2021 followed by the other episodes.

South Park Season 24 Episode: Plot



The pandemic special episode has increased our eagerness and anticipation for the rest of the episodes of South Park Season 24. We know that this animation series is well known for its satirical depiction of real-life happenings and struggles.

It focuses on how the residents of South Park deal with several things. The start of this series is the children of the residence among which four of them are the central characters.

South Park Season 24

In the previous episode, we saw that the schools have reopened and the kids of South Park who are undoubtedly the protagonists of the series are back to school. So the upcoming episodes of South Park Season 24 are expected to focus on the difficulties faced by the children and their parents due to the reopening of school.

We can also expect the plot to centre on several other problems associated with the pandemic. We know that South Park is popular for its portrayal of real-life issues. Hence we can expect the upcoming episodes to touch upon the latest events like the 2020 Presidential elections, Black Lives Matter protests and all the commotion that happened during the ongoing pandemic.

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