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South Park Season 25: Is There Going To Be Another Season?

South Park Season 25 Updates

South Park Season 25 is the much-awaited series in America currently. It is the longest-running sitcom and has been a favourite for decades now. And the popularity over the years has only grown amongst children and adults. With the constant demand for a new season, it is evident that the popularity hasn’t gone down yet. The series reaches to the core of every household especially with the engaging storyline of dark humour and realistic touches of humor of life, South Park Season 25 is just a small benchmark. Ever since the year 1997, the series has covered more than 300 episodes and there has been no change or downfall in the demand.

Given the constant demand and the never ending popularity, the makers have renewed the series for South Park Season 25 and South Park Season 26.

South Park Season 25 Updates

South Park Season 25 Won’t Be Out So Soon

South Park so far has 23 seasons. So for season 25 to be released, season 24 would be released prior. The 23rd season was released last year and since it was a massive success, the makers decided to renew it further. In an interview, co-creator Matt Stone revealed that the series has been renewed till South Park Season 25 and Season 26. However, because of the worldwide lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, the production was put on hold. As of now, there is no official date for the release of either of the seasons. But we are expecting South Park Season 24 to be out by next year.

South Park Season 25 Will Likely Have The Same Core Cast

South Park Season 25 Cast

The 25th round will most likely have the same cast as South Park Season 24. Since the series is animated, the cast includes voice-over artists. It includes Trey Parker as Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh and Matt stone as Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski.

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What Is The Expected Plot For South Park Season 25?

South Park Season 25 Plot

Since South Park Season 24 has not been released yet, so we cannot be sure of what will South Park Season 25 will have in store. But the story revolves around the lives of four teenage and how they go around having the best adventures and epic fun. Besides, the series takes heavy inspirations from real-life instances. So it is highly possible that the upcoming episodes have bits of the coronavirus and the lockdown. Along with how it affected the everyday lives of people around the world.

Is The Trailer For South Park Season 25 Out Yet?

South Park Season 25 Trailer

Well, there is no trailer yet for either South Park Season 24 or South Park Season 25. But the makes did release a pandemic special trailer this year.

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