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Space Force Season 2: Everything You Should Know!!

Space Force Season 2

The first season of the Netflix comedy series was released in May 2020. Created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, Space Force Season 1 received a very good response from the audience. Now we are all waiting for the makers to bring in another season of the series.

Space Force Season 2: Renewal By Netflix

Space Force Season 2

Space Force Season 1 was well received by the audience and as per reports, Netflix has renewed the series owing to the success of the first season. But there has been no official release date as of yet. Recently one of the makers of the series Steve Carell has said that he has some ideas going on in his mind regarding the plot of season 2.

But he also added that everything has to be done patiently. Thus giving a hint that the upcoming season will take time to hit the screens.

As the first season premiered in May 2020 we can expect the second season to take longer time to release. Moreover, the current pandemic situation will always cause hindrance in the production of Space Force Season 2. Therefore we cannot predict when the upcoming season will hit the screens.

And as of now, there is no any update from any cast member or the makers of the series regarding the filming of the upcoming season. Hence we need to wait for the shootings to begin before we go on to assuming a release date for the upcoming season.

Space Force Season 2: What Can Be Expected?

The series revolves around a group of six people who are given the task to establish a Space Force for the United States. And they were assigned to do so by the President of the US to establish the nation’s dominance even in the outer space. In the first season, we saw that the US satellite was destroyed by the Chinese.

Space Force Season 2

We also witnessed some US-Chinese rift throughout the series. Apart from that in one of the episode, we saw that the US flag by ran over by the Chinese on the moon. Thus making the President deciding to destroy the Chinese bases. One of the protagonists of the show who plays the role of the Head of the Space Force i.e General Mark Naird follows the President’s order.

But he was reluctant to do so. Then he decided that he won’t harm the Chinese therefore he dissembled all the guns the force had in the spacecraft.  With a turn of events, he is fired from his position for disobeying the orders and General Kick Grabaston replaces him. Although he was kept as a captive in the spacecraft be he eventually disappeared.

Also when the force returned after destroying the Chinese base they found out that their base has been destroyed as well. Now in the upcoming season, we will witness what General Naird does after escaping from the captivity. We will also find out whether he joins his space force again.

Therefore Space Force Season 2 will bring in answers to the queries the previous season has left us with.

As for the star cast we can expect all the pivotal characters like General Naird, Dr Adrian Mallory, F. Tony, Erin Naird etc. to be a part of the upcoming season.

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