AI software firm Spacemaker acquired by Autodesk in a $240 million deal.


AutoDesk inc. which is software and services company fro the US has acquired Spacemaker ,a Norway based AI developement Startup company

Autodesk inc. Leads in making 3D designs, building software and engineering since 1982 since the time of AutoCAD software. Autodesk has served customers in the manufacturing, architecture, construction, media and entertainment industries. Speaking of the entertainment industry, The last 19 Academy Awards won for best visual effects had used Autodesk software for VFX. They also design apps for iOS and Android devices which make their software accessible to anyone and everyone. Autodesk recently acquired Norwegian startup Spacemaker which is Cloud-based AI technology that enables architects, builders and real estate designers to collaborate and develop their ideas and designs easily and faster.

Autodesk has acquired Spacemaker for $250 million in an all-cash deal. Spacemaker was founded by Havard Haukeland, Andre’s Kvale and Carl Christensen in Oslo, Norway. Spacemaker’s venture capital backers include Atomico and Northzone who are Europe based venture capitalists and investment firms, they co-led Spacemaker’s $25 million series A round in 2019.

Spacemaker will be Autodesk’s thirteenth Acquisition since 2017.The last three acquisitions so far have totaled to $1.1 billion.

“It was never our plan in the beginning of 2020 to sell the company”said CEO Havard Haukeland “But when we started talking to Auto desk,who reached out for a while-we realised they share our visio and we understood that this can put out vision on steroids and we can reach that vision much faster.And that’s what drives us,that’s what we want to do:We want to realize our vision and get our offerings out in the world,at the hands of millions of architects and engineers and developers “he added

Andrew Anagnost,Autodesk CEO said he was drawn to Spacemaker because of their use of AI technology in architecture and realty.This acquisition will help Autodesk provide a power platform with modern and user centric AI based technology to their clients and stakeholders. “Sapcemaker is a lesson in the power of I sights and automation,giving designers the ability to create urban design within minutes” he added.

The transaction will be subject to customary closing conditions during Autodesk’s fourth quarter of fiscal in 2021 ending on 31st January 2021.

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