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Step up for a healthy heart on this ‘World Heart Day 2020’!

World Heart Day

Every year, cardiovascular diseases claim the lives of 17.9 million people, 31% of all global deaths. WHO assists countries all over the world to rapidly increase CVD prevention and control activities via three technological programs under the Global Hearts Initiative: MPOWER for tobacco control, SHAKE for salt reduction, and HEARTS for improving CVD management in primary health care. The Global Hearts Project, launched in September 2016, since then has been carried out in a variety of countries.

World Heart Day

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major cause of death on the earth, as per the World Heart Federation, and also the reasons vary from smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, air pollution, and unusual and untreated diseases such as Chagas disease and cardiac amyloidosis and many other reasons which end up linking to heart.

The world is a mess with all the COVID spreading more and more day by day, that we never thought would even become a serious issue is now consuming up the world. And what’s waiting next is left to our imagination! We never know how much longer we got. So, it is critical that we take care of ourselves and help people around us to be safe by staying hygiene and changing a few ways of our lifestyle.

On World Heart Day this year 2020, the federation seeks to promote consciousness towards caring for our hearts and ‘using the heart to defeat cardiovascular disease,’ which can only occur when, among other factors, you bring in improvements in your diet and inculcate healthier eating habits.

World Heart Day

“Use heart to make better choices. Use heart to listen to your heart. Use heart for the society, your loved ones and you. Use heart to thank health care profession.” the federation promotes

Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy heart!

1. Shift to Healthy Food!

It is necessary that we check what we are eating and how that is affecting our bodies. Even though many foods taste spectacular to us, it is doing its work inside your body. The effects are never immediate, they show up in long term and then it might just be too late. So it is important that you understand what you are eating.

Avoid canned and processed food. Even though it’s instant, It’s unhealthy! So make sure you replace them by homemade food cooked with freshly grown vegetables, include a lot of protein-rich food like milk, green veggies and other dairy products. This is good for the heart and gives you a whole new energy for the whole day. Avoid more intake of oils as it may lead up to high cholesterol levels which is the major cause of cardiac diseases.

World Heart Day

2. Try to avoid Stress!

This is quite impossible right? Nobody stresses willingly, so how can we not stress? All I am saying is that when you know you are stressed, try to calm yourself down. This can be done in numerous ways. Stress can lead up to anxiety and pressure causing nervous breakdown and much worse. There are many factors that can cause stress like job tensions, financial management, exams too is causing a lot of stress starting at a very young age.

So the best thing to do is talk it out! Talk to your family or call up your friends and let it out, tell them what you are going through. Or if you find someone stressed up, approach them, talk to them, give them some positivity! This can help a lot… Also, the other ways are meditation, listening to pleasant music, take a walk for about 10 minutes, or write it down in a journal if you are not much of an extrovert.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep!

World Heart Day

This one is important. Lately, the youngsters have lost a track of time when it comes it sleep! In order to ensure a healthy heart, proper sleep is crucial and lack of sleep raises the risk of cardiovascular disease. Most days, you could be having noon naps and remaining up till late in the night, with work from home becoming the new usual, but it won’t really help. So, making sure you sleep for least 7-8 hours every night would not only help you to stay fit and energetic throughout the day but will also keep your heart healthy.

4. Stay Fit!

As the years pass by, the physical work that a human does has been gradually decreasing, and the diseases have been increasing. Why is this happening? The advancing technology has left us so much less physical work to do. It is important that we keep our physical body fit!

So pick up your water bottles, tie up your shoes and get started! It will go a long way to help the heart stay safe by walking for at least 45 minutes a day by taking the chance to move around at home, while working from home, going for a walk and ensuring 10,000 steps a day or indulge in small-workouts if you have a lack of time. Remember to stay hydrated!

5. Get yourself checked up once in a while!

In addition to ensuring that you adopt all of the above, it is important that routine screening is conducted to ensure optimal heart wellness. This becomes much more crucial with growing age. Therefore, make sure you get checked every six months or so, and when a doctor prescribes any drug, you take it on time.

Stop the problems from troubling your heart. Don’t let cardiovascular diseases ruin your life. Taking care of yourself is the least you can do for yourself! You owe it to yourself! So stay healthy, safe and happy! Happy World Heart Day!

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