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On application, the urban engineer may grant a permit for the carrying out of work in, over or under an urban road, subject to the conditions for obtaining, maintaining and renewing a permit in accordance with sections B.2 to B.20, including this Schedule, and any other conditions he may impose. (a) The owner of land on which a building, structure or sign is placed in such a way that there is a danger of icicles, ice or snow that could fall from him on the road, such icicles, ice or snow must be removed from the building, structure or sign before 10:00 a.m. any day that is not a holiday within the meaning of the Retail Business Act. No person shall cause (by himself or by the permission of another) a public nuisance on or on a street, by fire, water, steam, noise or any other means without legal authorization. HRLC`s vision was to be a community-based one-stop shop for all your legal and professional needs. Conveniently located in the heart of Hamilton Road`s central business district, HRLC strives to meet a variety of needs, from family mediation and notarial services to representation in criminal law, family law, appeals, civil and small claims court, outstanding, and other provincial crimes. from administrative tribunals, employment and employment law, wills and estates, and human rights. We select our in-house companies to provide you with the most competent, caring and compassionate representation possible. The sum total of all private entrances for single, double, double and converted two-unit apartments to allow vehicle passage between the road line and the sidewalk line should be as narrow as possible. In no case shall it be wider than the width required to access a garage or other necessary parking spaces on the adjacent residential property, subject to the regime provided for in this by-law. No person shall obstruct, burden, injure or pollute or cause or permit any road (by himself or with the permission of others) without legal authority. 2.10.8 Notwithstanding paragraph 2.10.7, any perishable item is the property of the Company when removed from the road or highway and may be destroyed or donated to a charitable entity.

It is lawful to sell goods on a street (subject to the requirements of other Acts) from a cart, sales box or stall approved by the City Engineer as a location, upon payment of the annual fee, which may be prescribed by the Board from time to time, and upon presentation of proof of insurance in a form and amount satisfactory to the City Treasurer. and a promise to indemnify and hold harmless the City of London from and against any and all claims and judgments arising out of such use of the Road. The widths of the entrances must be spaced to allow the planting of trees in the streets. Wip For parcels with a width greater than 12 metres: 50 % of the required parcel frontage up to an overall width not exceeding 8,0 metres, whichever is lower. The width of a private driveway for the passage of vehicles shall be measured parallel to that road at any point between the road line and the carriageway, with the exception of peribstone radii, which must not exceed 1.8 m (6.0 feet); The municipal engineer may temporarily close any road to public transit in order to repair or improve the road or the infrastructure contained therein, or to carry out road work, if a reasonable temporary replacement route is provided for traffic and local access, or for work under a permit under section 6.3. or in case of emergency. (a) Every person who owns land adjacent to a portion of the road set out in Schedule C must remove snow and ice from the portion of the roadway adjacent to the person`s property line, before 10:00 a.m. on a day that is not a holiday within the meaning of the Retail Trade Act. It is legal for goods to be sold on a road (subject to the requirements of other legislation) by a recreational vehicle licensed by the City of London (limited to the sale of refreshments). `carriageway` means a section of road developed for the use of motor vehicles. The city engineer may close any road to public traffic for repair or improvement or to install road work if the following are constructed and maintained at each end of the closed stretch of road: The use of a road is legal on the basis of a legally granted permit.

by Council pursuant to an order, decision or agreement, or as approved in writing by the Chief of Police or City Engineer. Sidewalks/curb access points must be designed to maintain the maximum number of on-street parking spaces. I am very clear about our approach, which has been developed over the years and is based on the reality of what we experience every night on the streets when we work with people who often sleep in extremely desperate conditions. Our position is clear: our role is to support and represent people who sleep without rest, so that they can get on with their lives and leave homelessness behind. “private entrance” means that part of a road laid out in such a way that persons or vehicles can move from a roadway or sidewalk to adjacent property; In London, around 57% of people sleeping outside are non-British nationals. This means that their options are legally limited when it comes to accessing housing, treatment and other social services available to UK citizens. Our Routes Home service, funded by the Mayor of London, works with vulnerable people like Peter.

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