Supergirl Season 5: What We Know So Far!!

Supergirl Season 5

Supergirl Season 5 premiered in October 2019 but stopped midway after airing 19 episodes in May 2020. And the reason was delayed shooting due to the sudden pandemic outbreak. So now the question is that when are we getting the next episode of the ongoing season?

Supergirl Season 5: When Are We Getting The Next Episode?

Supergirl Season 5

Well, Supergirl Season 5 was planned to have 22 episodes. But the series stopped after dropping 19 episodes due to the pandemic outbreak. Thus we are eagerly awaiting the 20th episode of Supergirl Season 5.

Nothing has been revealed so far if we are getting another episode or not. Thus it is difficult to say whether we will get another episode of the same season or will the makers actually bring in a new season. As per sources, the production has not yet started.

Supergirl Season 5

But one thing is for sure that the makers have not uttered anything about cancelling the series. Therefore we can still expect the 20th episode of Supergirl Season 5 maybe by mid-2021. Although these are just mere speculation and we need to wait for an official announcement from the makers.

Supergirl Season 5: Plot

The action fiction series first premiered in 2015 and has earned a lot of appreciation from the audience and critics. It revolves around the story of Kara Danvers who is Superman’s cousin sister. And she possesses superpowers too.

In the previous seasons, we saw how Kara unveiled her superpowers to save the people of her city when danger was lurking around them. In Supergirl Season 5 we saw how Kara is introduced to the dark world of technology which is posing a threat to the people. She noticed how people don’t care about anything else and are caught in the web of technology.

Supergirl Season 5

Throughout the 19 episodes of Supergirl Season 5, we saw Kara’s efforts to fight with the dark world of technology. Therefore in the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting to see if Kara actually succeeds in her quest. Also, we will witness how Kara will team up with Lena to deal with Lex and Leviathan’s motives.

Therefore the upcoming episodes of Supergirl Season 5 will have a lot in store for us. Therefore we need to wait patiently until the makers actually announce an official release date for the upcoming episode. And if not that we can get another season of the Supergirl that will bring us all the answers to the questions we were left with after watching Supergirl Season 5.

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