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Supreme Court of the U.S. rejected Donald Trump’s backing Texas lawsuit

The highest court of the US, Supreme Court in a recent decision has rejected President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attempt of throwing out four battleground states election results. The state of Texas filed the lawsuit this week seeking to invalidate the results of four states, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In all the four states, the seats were won by the President-elect, Joe Biden. Congress’s 106 Republican members and eighteen state attorneys general supported the lawsuit. However, the Supreme Court on Friday in a brief order rejecting the bid ruled that there is no legal standing for Texas to bring the case.

Supreme Court of the U.S. on Texas Legal Challenge

The Texas lawsuit was filed by Texas’s Republican Attorney-General and also an ally of Trump, Ken Paxton on Tuesday. The president supported the lawsuit who filed an intervention motion seeking to become the case’s plaintiff on Wednesday. The presidential election of four states which was won by Mr Biden was sought to discard through the filing of the lawsuit. The allegations made by Texas was that those stated gave unlawful results due to voting procedures changes for helping Americans during the coronavirus pandemic to cast their ballots. In the lawsuit, Mr Paxton asked the Supreme Court to allow those states legislatures for determining as who should get the votes of the Electoral College.

However, the four states on Thursday in a filing asked for the rejection of the lawsuit by the justices as it has no legal grounds. The filing got agreed by the Supreme Court who stated in its ruling that a judicially cognisable interest is not demonstrated by Texas in the way in which conduction of its election is done by other states. The chances of the success of the lawsuit were sceptical before the ruling according to the legal experts. However, Mr Trump appeared optimistic just hours before the ruling and urged the Supreme Court to show courage and wisdom. Later on, Mr Trump wrote in a tweet that the court failed to show the same and bemoaned the verdict.

Rejections of other Legal Challenge

Mr Trump received a set back from the ruling and he had suggested previously that the Presidential election of the November would get settled in the Supreme Court without any solid evidence. A separate legal challenge was also rejected by the court against the victory of Biden in Pennsylvania. There is a repeated unsubstantiated assertion from Mr Trump that illegal votes cost him the presidential election for a second term. There were dozens of lawsuits from Mr Trump and his supporters since the election questioning the election’s results. But, the victory of Mr Biden could not get overturned by anyone of them.

Reactions for the Ruling

Kayleigh McEnany, spokeswoman of Whitehouse referred to the judges and said that they dodge and there is no other way to say about it. They did not enforce the constitution by using their authority, hid behind the procedures, and dodged. A spokesman for Mr Biden said that it was not a surprise that the baseless attempts were rejected by the Supreme Court.