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Teen Wolf Season 7: Everything You Should Know!!

Teen Wolf Season 7

Teen Wolf Season 7 is being highly anticipated by the fans, all thanks to the immense success of the previous seasons. The sixth season of the horror series was dropped way back in 2016 with the last episode dropped on September 2017.

Teen Wolf Season 7: Has The Series Been Renewed?

Teen Wolf Season 7

The horror series first premiered in 2011 and has entertained us with six seasons. It has been almost three years since the release of the sixth season and till now we have been eagerly waiting for Teen Wolf Season 7. But is it happening?

Well, the makers of the series Jeff Davis has made a heartbreaking announcement. He revealed that they are not planning for another season of this horror series. He also said that their contract with MTV has ended. 

And the reason that he revealed was that they had already planned that the series would end after six seasons. Also, low ratings were another reason that the series got cancelled. We have also witnessed that by the time we got Teen Wolf Season 6 many of the pivotal characters bid adieu to the series. Thus it might be also one of the reasons that the series started getting low viewership.

So it is clear that Teen Wolf Season 7 will never hit the screens. 

Teen Wolf Season 7: Why Do We Need Another Season?

The horror series revolves around Scott Mccall who is a werewolf in disguise. This happened after he was bitten by a wolf called Alpha. So after turning into a werewolf, his life took a drastic turn.

Teen Wolf Season 7

He was an average boy with no special skills but as soon as he turned into a werewolf he started possessing superpowers. In the previous season, we saw that Scott is in the final year of high school. And he and his group of friends were all upset that they would part ways.

The previous season revolved around Scott and his troop fighting with supernatural creatures. And the series, of course, had a victorious end with Scott and his group defeating the beasts. But we need another season because there is more to explore. In Teen Wolf Season 7 we would have expected how life changed for Scott after graduation.

Teen Wolf Season 7

Also, there were many mysteries which remains unsolved. Teen Wolf Season 7 would have given us a glimpse of whether Scott will ever return to his normal self or he will remain as a werewolf forever. These were the revelations we were expecting from Teen Wolf Season 7.

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