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Texas Governor Promises $1 Million To Anyone Giving Information On ‘Voter Fraud’


Joe Biden has won the US 2020 Presidential elections defeating Donald Trump. But Trump is not ready to accept defeat and Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick also thinks that there has been misconduct in the voting procedure. Thus he made a bizarre offer.

Texas Governor To Reward People Giving Information On Voter Fraud


So after the results were announced almost the entire nation was celebrating as they got a new leader who seems to be eligible to run the nations. But existing President Donald Trump still thinks that he should have won the elections.  He claimed that there has been something wrong with the counting of votes.

Even Texas Governor Dan Patrick is backing Trump at the same. He said that Trump should have been the winner. And that the results were not genuine.


Therefore to find an authentic piece of information about the voter fraud he announced that any person who will provide any detail about voter fraud will be reward with an amount as high as $ 1 Million. The Texas governor stated that the reward money will come from his own campaign fund.

Is Trump’s Claim Baseless?

Well, the governor of Texas has announced such a huge amount as a reward so we might think that these claims might have some truth in it. We know that Trump has filed a legal case stating that there has been voter fraud.

But it seems like Trump’s claims are really resulting to be baseless. Because as of now no any evidence of Voter fraud has been found so far. It is bizarre that is despite seeing that Biden has received the highest number of votes in the history of American Presidential elections, Trump is still claiming victory.


The Democrats have highly criticized his bizarre claims.  On asking the Texas governor on why is he not accepting Trump’s defeat he said that it was not about victory or defeat but transparency.

He said that if there is any illegal activity or fraud associated with the Presidential elections it should be exposed. But it seems like the voting procedure was completely genuine and there have been no reports of any misconduct.

So Trump’s baseless allegations have been declared null and void by many legal organisations. And it is high time he should accept that the people of the United States does not want him as a leader anymore.

This was pretty much clear even during the Presidential debate on who deserves to lead the country. Therefore announcing a handsome reward to expose something that does not exist is not expected to be of any help.

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