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Cursed Season 2: Are We Getting Another Season?


Fans are anticipated Cursed Season 2 after the immense success of the first season. The first season of this Netflix series was dropped on February 2020.

Cursed Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Series?

Cursed Season 2

The first season of this amazing Netflix series earned an amazing response from the audience as well as the critics. And owing to that Netflix might renew the series soon.

Although any official announcement about Cursed Season 2 has not been made by Netflix. But there are speculations that Netflix would eventually renew it by the end of 2020. Even the sudden pandemic outbreak also played a big role in the postponement of the series.

But one thing is for sure that we will get Cursed Season 2. Because Netflix and the makers will surely consider the ratings of the first season. Apart from that, there is a lot more to explore when it comes to the plot of the series. Therefore another season is much needed.

Cursed Season 2: What To Expect?

The story of this series revolves around the Arthurian legend and focuses on a lady called Nimue. She is blessed with supernatural powers and is on her quest to become the lady of the lake.

Cursed Season 2

The series describes Nimue’s journey and there she meets Arthus. In the previous season, we saw that Nimue was shot by arrows and she fell into a mountain river in the end. She was shot by Sister Iris.

In Cursed Season 2, it will be interesting to find out if Nimue survives the attack. Since the entire story revolves around her it is obvious that she will survive this. But we will get to know how the giant river actually helps her to gain all the power. Apart from that Cursed Season 2 will also come with certain revelations on why Sister Iris tried to kill Nimue.

Cursed Season 2

There are also chances that we might finally know how Nimue becomes the lady of the lake at the end. And this might not be the end of her journey. Because there is a lot more waiting for her even after she attains all her powers.

Therefore Cursed Season 2 is going to unveil and a lot of things about Nimue’s past. And her future as well.

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