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The Family Man Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Much More

The Family Man Season 2

The Family Man Season 2 is highly anticipated by the fans. The first season of the series was dropped on September 2019 and since then we are waiting for another season.

The Family Man Season 2: Release Date

The Family Man Season 2

The Amazon series has to be one of the most popular Indian web series ever made. Its engaging plot has wooed the audience. The first season has earned a massive success and has left us anticipating for another season.

But when is it happening? We know that the shooting for The Family Man Season 2 started way back in November 2019. But the shooting stopped midway in March 2020 due to the sudden pandemic outbreak. Initially, the upcoming season was supposed to release in October 2020.

The Family Man Season 2

But due to the delay in filming even the release date got postponed further. If sources are to be believed then the shooting of The Family Man Season 2 is almost done. And it is slated to release on December 2020. Although we don’t have an official release date as of now.

But it is almost confirmed that the upcoming season will release by the end of this year.

The Family Man Season 2: Plot

The Amazon Prime thriller series has a very engaging plot. It revolves around an agent of the National Intelligence Agency Srikant Tiwari. We saw how Srikant was having tough times in balancing his highly secretive job as well as his family responsibilities.

Also, we saw that Srikant and his family are amid a financial crisis as he gets paid very less for his job. Also, his job as an agent brings his family’s life to danger. 

The Family Man Season 2

So the previous season left us with a diabolical plan by a terrorist group headed by Zulfikar. The terrorist group plans a gas leakage in Delhi that would ruin the entire city. Also, we saw that Srikant and his team are trying their best to nab Zulfikar. and they are almost closed.

The Family Man Season 2 is expected to bring lots of ups and downs in Srikant’s personal life which will leave him confused on whether to choose his work life or his family. Will he be able to make the right decision?

Will he sacrifice his family dor the sake of the nation? Well, The Family Man Season 2 is expected to reveal it all!

So in The Family Man Season 2, it will be interesting to see if Srikant and TASC can actually prevent the gas leakage. Also, we can expect Zukfikar to finally get arrested in the upcoming season. 

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