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The Journey Of Young Duo Nitin Negi And Sahil Wadhwa Transforming The Way Social Media Traffic Can Be Encashed


The internet or the virtual space is a universe of another kind that is created by humans with infinite reach and opportunities to explore. Today, almost no one is untouched from the effects of this social change, individuals more then ever have understood how we can make our everyday tasks increasingly convenient and provide a medium for disseminating information, knowledge and entertainment, but there are other incentives on the web, that very few are able to retrieve.

 The online space has also provided a means of living and lucrative vocations to millions of individuals. But this was not the case ten years ago, that was the year when two dreamers, Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa, joined hands to achieve big.

Nitin Negi belongs to the Karnaprayag town in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand while Sahil Wadhwa lives in Madlauda village in Panipat district of Haryana. They came across each other in the year 2010 through the hugely popular networking medium Facebook. 

Unlike today, people were still adapting to the changes brought about by these social media applications, lest knowing the various tools and ways through which these platforms can be optimized. Having initially started social media for exploring, the duo soon learnt ways of how social media audience can be streamlined towards greater revenue generation. This understanding was the first nail in the coffin, slowly and gradually, they started to self learn all that was necessary about website design and management, blogging and social media optimization.

Afterwards, there was no turning back, as they spilt their creativity on all their social media platforms, people started following their content and today, the following has grown to a massive 50 million, on Facebook and Instagram combined.

After crossing benchmarks of success, fame and reach, they wanted to include and guide others in their journey of excellence, therefore, they got together a team of over 30 writers/social media enthusiasts and designers employed by them who assist them on projects related to the massive audience that sits across their social media platforms.

Having curated interest for trading in stockmarkets and cryptocurrency, these youngsters Nitin and Sahil are achievers in many aspects, these 21 year old young fellows contradict conventional beliefs that money, fame and success is attainable after you have passed a certain age. 

Both Nitin Negi and Sahil Wadhwa disprove the belief that one can only live a comfortable life post a degree from a reputed university and conventional practise afterwards. Today, the opportunities on the web are aplenty, if you have the courage to connect with your target audiences with creativity and consistency, then sooner or later, people will connect to you and then everything else will follow.

“In today’s time, data is power, while time is money”, this mantra given by the two is apt for the young dreamers to take an inspiration from.

Sahil Wadhwa and Nitin Negi also believe that even if self doubt cripples in, one must have faith on the journey and a determination to lead by example.

There is information explosion on the web, but there is still a deficit of quality content, focus today should be on the ways through which one can make their content stand out and something that seeks to impart knowledge in an innovative way, if social media benefits are to be encashed, then a systematic approach should be followed, for it is only when you work on the collective good of your audience, can you win over the majority of noise present on the web.

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