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Marketing. Not always at the forefront for lawyers and law firms – but it should be. In episode 14, we discuss legal marketing with Barry Solomon, attorney, former CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of BigLaw and current president of Foundation Software Group. Foundation develops experience management software for law firms that provides a foundation for other knowledge management applications that.. Our customers are the key to cooperation! We understand the importance of listening to our clients when developing new legal technologies and understand the valuable role in-house teams can play in developing new technologies. We want to understand the problems faced by internal teams and how they can be solved through technical tools. Discover each new corporate document that is added! Use our free Watch This Company feature and get notifications delivered straight to your inbox. Whenever a new document appears on this website or if its details change, you will be notified of those changes immediately. To monitor these changes, simply click Monitor this company. In episode 28, Joshua Becker, President of Lex Machina and head of the Lexis Nexis Legal Tech Accelerator, talks about data-driven legal advice. Josh talks about his early days in the tech community and his move into venture capital. Eventually, Josh became involved with Lex Machina, a legal data analytics company founded at Stanford. Lex Machina allows legal.

Legal subscription plans and why your law firm needs them. Collaborate has supported 17 legal technology companies to date, see details below. Follow all changes on THE LEGAL MARKETING INNOVATION COMPANY LIMITED free of charge. You will be immediately informed of the appointment and removal of directors, new company documents, bankruptcy or liquidation of the company. The monitoring service can be cancelled at any time. We want to give our cohort members the opportunity to speak directly to large in-house legal teams. Cohort members have access to our large and diverse global client base and in-house legal teams through our new client innovation network. Syntheia is a knowledge management tool that locates a company`s relevant information without interrupting workflow. Among other things, Syntheia allows users to effectively manage, share and apply their knowledge in the creation of legal documents. Syntheia will work with us to make it easy for users to discover precedents (from our internal knowledge management system) during creation. As part of our updated program offering, we will test each Legal Tech product throughout the program.

We will integrate your technical solution into our business and try to test live transactions where appropriate, providing real-time feedback and advice from our lawyers and business services experts. We believe that legal technology offers the greatest value when suppliers, private practices and in-house teams work together to find solutions that integrate with existing processes and relationships. Cohort members have access to our clients and their in-house legal teams, as well as industry experts, to ensure their legal technology tools meet the needs of the entire legal industry. We recently launched our third cohort of the program and welcomed four new legal technology companies. Through Collaborate, these companies have the opportunity to participate in a live pilot project with us, advice and advice, mentorship and networking, access our lawyers and clients, and solicit financial investments through Slaughter and May Ventures, our recently created venture capital investment platform. Access to our clients and their in-house legal and legal departments through our new client innovation network. We are committed to providing legal technology to our clients, both internally and as they work on their business, and we understand the valuable role in-house teams can play in designing new technologies. In episode 15 of Technical-Legal, we sit down with Keith Maziarek, director of pricing and legal project management for Chicago-based law firm Katten Muchin Rosenman. Keith discusses the evolution of his marketing and business development roles for two of America`s largest law firms to pricing and project management positions. Keith explains that the law. We want to help you develop, test and develop your new Legal Tech product. When you`re accepted into Slaughter and May Collaborate, you`ll have access to the right people, data, and resources to help your product grow.

Draftwise is a knowledge and copywriting platform that allows lawyers to research, discover and analyze precedents on a secure platform and quickly draft and review legal contracts. The platform automatically organizes and discovers knowledge content in collaboration with the company`s knowledge management team. DraftWise will work with us to make it easy for users to discover precedents (from our internal knowledge management system) during creation. Slaughter and May Collaborate, our legal technology program, is open to innovators and entrepreneurs with products relevant to the legal industry. We want to work with the brightest minds in the field and help develop, test and develop legal technology products. A world-class level of support and management for the legal industry. Fast, reliable and secure. The Legal Marketing Innovation Company started in 2011 as a limited liability company with the registration number 07872469. The Legal Marketing Innovation Company has been operating successfully for 11 years and its status is active.

The company`s office is located in Manchester, on the 3rd floor of the Lancaster Building. Postal code: M3 2BW. As of Thursday, January 26, 2012, The Legal Marketing Innovation Company Limited is no longer known as Jcco 284. *While all successful applicants will be offered a presentation opportunity, this is not a requirement to participate and is optional. Each cohort member receives guidance and support from dedicated mentors from our Legal Tech & Innovation teams. Because each product is different and has different needs, these dedicated mentors design a customized program to meet the specific needs of our cohort members. Members of our paid community and business services teams will also provide support and advice throughout the program. Opportunity to discuss product development and use cases with royalty recipients across our company and participate in demonstrations, tests and feedback sessions. Cohort members will gain a better understanding of where our lawyers (and clients!) would benefit from new technologies in their daily lives and how this can be achieved in practice. 3rd floor lancaster buildings, 77 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2BW Leaders are turning to ONE400 to help them build the successful organisations of tomorrow.

Successful cohort members will have the opportunity to connect with Slaughter and May`s partners through our new venture capital investment platform, Slaughter and May Ventures.* Ruby Datum is an intuitive document, data and task management platform. Ruby Datum enables collaboration between organizations, creating a user experience that is both secure and easy to use. We will work with Ruby Datum to address the challenge of managing multiple requests for information from regulators. Laduma is a digital meeting solution that transforms Microsoft Teams into a multi-dimensional platform for hybrid, distributed, and distributed work. Laduma uses immersive interactive displays and built-in cross-device sharing capabilities to put people at the center of the meeting experience. It is a response to the challenge of supporting work-integrated learning experiences for our employees working in remote and hybrid environments. Laduma will give these colleagues a voice that can be heard at meetings. This will allow them to communicate, collaborate, present and share their learning experiences with their colleagues as if they were in the same room.

Beyond the program, successful cohort members also benefit from our Collaborate alumni network, which allows current and former cohort members to share their experiences and receive feedback and support from like-minded individuals. According to Clio`s Legal Trends Report, lawyers do not respond to more than 60% of potential client requests. This miserable response rate contrasts with surveys conducted by in-house counsel which report that, on a scale of 1 to 10, responding to client requests is 8.8 in importance to them. Poor communication with customers should not be the. The next accounts created by December 31, 2022 are due no later than September 30, 2023. Counsel for Creators` goal is to reinvent the firm`s experience for creative businesses of all sizes. Collaborate offers a range of networking opportunities with our employees, lawyers, industry contacts and clients. Our network of consultants brings valuable knowledge and experience to the program and includes representatives from our best friends and relationship companies.

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gilbert + Tobin, Hengeler Mueller and Uría Menéndez, as well as representatives from Slaughter and May. The network provides international advice and guidance to members of our cohort. Our program not only provides our lawyers and clients with real-time access, but also exclusive training and helpful resources. Choose from a range of hands-on sessions with our presentation, marketing and branding experts, or sit down with our InfoSec and privacy teams to explore the requirements of a typical enterprise infrastructure.

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