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The Rain Season 4: Is The Rain Season 4 Renewed Or Cancelled By Netflix?

The Rain Season 4 Cancelled

The Rain season 4 has kept the fans on their toes. The expectations are sky-high. Mostly after The Rain Season 3 was ended on a cliffhanger. The latest season released on Netflix earlier this year and was filled with action. And fans loved the plot and the storyline along with all the action sequences. However, it left a lot of loose ends to be tied. There was just too much curiosity. And the delay in The Rain Season 4 has got the fans worried.

With too much suspense and drama in the end of the previous seasons, The Rain Season 4 is highly awaited.

The Rain season 4 Updates

The Rain Season 4: Another Season Coming Up Soon?

As much as fans are waiting for The Rain Season 4, it won’t be coming back. Back in June 2019 itself Netflix announced that the series Rain will a three seasons show. So the chances of The Rain Season 4 seems bleak. There is no explanation provided by Netflix as to why the series was cancelled in the middle. But it could also be that the decision to end the series was merely creative. All the loose ends were for us to fill up and interpret.

However, there are still chances that we might have The Rain Season 4 back. If another streaming platform decides to take up the series from where it left, it might make a comeback. But this seems pretty long shot. As there is no indication from anyone, neither the crew nor the main leads. Besides, in The Rain Season 3 many of the main characters were killed. So The Rain Season 4 is a tough one to nod on.

The Rain Season 4: Fans Bid Them Adieu

The news for The Rain Season 3 being the final season was announced on Twitter. And fans got emotional. Many fans said that the series gave them hope and inspired them. A fan even commented that the show was wrapped in the way it should have. While there were some losses and people that fans didn’t want to die, died. But overall, it was a perfect ending said a fan.

The Rain Season 4: Quick Recap For The Finale

The Rain Season 4 Cancelled

By the of end of The Rain Season 3, we see that things are falling into place. We see that they all found the cure for the virus. The group finally found a special power that had the cure for the virus. And the only way to grow the flower was to feed over the virus in the first place. While everyone was confused to what to do with the flower for so many people, Rasmus and Sarah chose to go the other way. They sacrificed themselves by feeding on the flower.

Rasmus and Sarah’s sacrifice helped Simone to find the survivors of the virus and cure them too. In the end she said Rasmus will always be her sweetheart. She said that she wished she could show him another day. He gave them hope and they were thankful to him. Simone concluded by saying that the new world will be in his honor.

Well, it got the fans pretty emotional.


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