The Rookie Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Much More

The Rookie Season 3

After the massive success of the previous seasons, the fans are eagerly awaiting the release of The Rookie Season 3. This ABC series first premiered in 2019 and the second season was dropped in 2020.

The Rookie Season 3: Release Date

The Rookie Season 3

The series was renewed for another season by the ABC Studios on May 21, 2020. But even after the renewal of the series, the production could not kickstart due to the pandemic crisis.

But we have good news here! And that this the shooting of The Rookie Season 3 has been resumed and we cannot keep calm. Although there were many obstacles during the filming of the series as many members of the production team were tested positive for coronavirus. But that did not compel the makers to postpone the shooting.

Apart from that, we have another good news for all the Rookie fans out there. ABC has officially announced a release date for The Rookie Season 3. Yes! Your favourite series is coming with its third season on January 3, 2021. 

We all are excited for the premiere of the new season, aren’t we?

The Rookie Season 3: Plot

Now as the official release date for The Rookie Season 3 has been announced let us see what will it have in store for us. We know that this ABC series centres on the protagonist John Dolan who is an officer at the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Rookie Season 3

But he faced several hardships before achieving his dream of joining the police department. But his hardships does not end here because in the previous seasons we have witnessed Dolan encountering several obstacles to make his mark as an ideal police officer. In The Rookie Season 3, we shall witness the journey of John Dolan once again.

The previous season left us in a cliffhanger as we saw that Neil has played a very dirty game with John Dolan so that he gets terminated from his job. So in the upcoming season, it will be interesting to see if John will be able to prove his innocence. And if yes how?

The Rookie Season 3

Apart from that, we know that Neil has been in the department for years whereas John has just completed his training. Thus it will be difficult to say if the seniors will actually trust John instead of Neil. Hence in the upcoming season, we can expect John to get hold of some concrete shreds of evidence against Neil.

Thus is the upcoming season we will see our favourite Rookie John Dolan facing new challenges to make his mark in the Los Angeles Police Department.

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