The Rookie Season 3: What We Know So Far!!

The Rookie Season 3

After the tremendous success of the first two seasons, fans are eagerly waiting for The Rookie Season 3 to hit the screens. But when is it actually premiering?

The Rookie Season 3: When Will It Hit The Screens?

The Rookie Season 3

The second season of this series was dropped in May 2019. And since then we all have been waiting for The Rookie Season 3. A good news can on May 21, 2020, when ABC Studios officially renewed the series.

But the shooting could not begin due to the coronavirus outbreak. Thus delaying the upcoming season to a certain extent. As of now the ABC studios has not confirmed any release date. But if the production resumes by the end of 2020 then we can expect The Rookie Season 3 to hit the screens by mid or end of 2021.

Thus we really that the production resumes as soon as possible so that the series does not get delayed further.

The Rookie Season 3: What To Expect In Terms Of Plot?

The series which first premiered in 2018 revolves around the story of the protagonist John Dolan. He is a small-town man who dreams of joining the New York Police Department as an officer.

The Rookie Season 3

After plenty of struggle, he finally makes it, but the path is not easy for him. In the previous season, we witnessed that he has finally joined the Los Angeles Police department.  But he started messing up with things. He was paired with a mere 19-year-old boy who is very difficult to get along.

In The Rookie Season 3, it will be interesting to see how far Dolan goes to make his mark in the department. We also saw how Neil broke the law in Pennsylvania University but Dolan is being blamed for it. So in the upcoming season, we will finally know if Dolan will succeed in proving himself innocent or not. And also will Neil accept his mistake?

The Rookie Season 3

Also, there is more to know about John Dolan’s dark past. We hope that the upcoming season gives us a glimpse of his past life. And we can also expect to finally know the reason why Dolan was so keen to join the New York police department. Is there any personal motive behind it? It there something related to his past?

The Rookie Season 3 is expected to bring an answer to all these questions. As for the cast members, we can expect all the actors from the previous season to return. Nathan Fillion, Richard T. Jones, Harold Perrineau, Mellisa O’Neil, Mekia Cox just to name a few are all set to return in The Rookie Season 3.

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