The Rookie Season 3: Everything You Should Know!!

The Rookie Season 3

Fans have been eagerly waiting for The Rookie Season 3. As the previous seasons really won the hearts of many. The first season of the series premiered on October 2018 followed by another amazing season on May 2019.

The Rookie Season 3: Has The Series Been Renewed?

The Rookie Season 3

After the tremendous success of the previous seasons, we are eagerly waiting for the makers to announce The Rookie Season 3. But has the series been renewed by ABC Studios?

Well, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of the series. But the makers had hinted last year that there might be another season of The Rookie. So we can expect an official confirmation soon.

Also, the ongoing pandemic has been causing a lot of delay in the production of several series. And The Rookie Season 3 might also have fallen prey to this. We can expect the production to start my early 2021. Therefore if things go as planned The Rookie Season 3 might be out by early 2022.

The Rookie Season 3: What To Expect?

The ABC series revolves around John Dolan who dreams of becoming a police officer in Los Angeles. But he belongs from a small town and has gone through plenty of struggles. In the previous season, we saw John’s struggle to make a mark in the department.

The Rookie Season 3

In the previous season, we saw how John has finally been called to Los Angeles and he got closer to his dream. But another shocking thing was that he was paired with a 19-year-old boy as his assistant. Also, we saw how he broke the law at Pennsylvania University.

So in Roorke Season 3, it will be interesting to see if John actually succeeds in proving himself innocent. Will the officer’s belief that Neil was at fault and not him? Thus Roorke Season 3 is going to unveil a lot of things.

The Rookie Season 3

Apart from that, we might also get a glimpse of John’s past life and it will also be interesting to see if he can prove himself as an eligible police officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. In a word, there are many interesting twists that we can expect from Rookie Season 3.

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