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The Society Season 2: What We Know So Far!!

The Society Season 2

The Society Season 2 is highly awaited by the fans. After the success of the first season, we all want the makers to come with another season of this Netflix series.

The Society Season 2: Are We Getting Another Season?

The Society Season 2

The first season of this amazing mystery thriller premiered in Netflix in May 2019. And it got a very warm response from the audience as well as the critics.

The amazing storyline of this series made us crave for more. And thus we are eagerly waiting for the makers to bring The Society Season 2. But has Netflix renewed the series? Well, the series was renewed last year after the release of the first season.

Then there were speculations that Netflix has cancelled the series in March 2020. But we finally have good news now! Netflix has officially announced the renewal of the series on August 21, 2020. And they also clarified that they had temporarily cancelled the show because of the pandemic outbreak.

But now the production work has resumed and The Society Season 2 is expected to release by early 2021.

The Society Season 2: What To Expect?

This mystery thriller revolves around the story of a group of teenagers who made their own society and rules to live in. Because there is no one to look after them and they are in West Ham. After coming back from a trip they noticed that their town is empty with no adults.

The Society Season 2

We also saw that they don’t have internet access to any other luxury. Therefore the plot focuses on how these teenagers survive. In the previous season, we saw that Grizz has got a piece of land that he will use for cultivation. And we saw that town leadership has been taken from Allie and Becca has given birth and is safe along with the newborn baby.

We all learnt that the teenagers actually reached to the parallel universe. Therefore in The Society Season 2, it will be interesting to see whether they will ever realise that they are in the parallel universe. Apart from that, we will also get an answer about who is actually the father of Becca’s baby.

The Society Season 2

So The Society Season 2 is expected to unveil many secrets and provide us with the answers to the questions we were left with! As for the cast we expect all the pivotal characters from the first season to come back. Actors like Jacques Colimon, Toby Wallace, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy just to name a few will be seen in the upcoming season of this Netflix series.

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