The Walking Dead gets its Final Season

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead was once AMC’s biggest show

AMC’s landmark TV series is about to come to an end.  After 11 seasons, executives have finally decided to conclude The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead was one of the most popular shows for half a decade only being outmatched by Game of Thrones in its hey-day.

 The series revolves around a virus that has effected every human inevitably turning you into a zombie after your death (Unless your companions are kind enough to decapitate you). It gave us some of the most memorable characters ever put on screen. The Likes of Rick Grimes, Darryl, Carol, Maggie , Glenn and Negan all set in stone forever in the Pop Culture Wall of Fame.

The Walking Dead Release Date

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier –

  If you’re hoping to get a specific released ate for the final season, you’re out of luck because there is no information on that yet. What we do know, and might come as a surprise is that the tenth season will be getting 6 additional episodes

  The names of the episodes are Home Sweet Home(February 28th, 2021), Find Me (March 7th, 2021), One More(March 14th,2021), Splinter(March 21st, 2021), Diverged(March 28th,2021), and “Here’s Negan”(April 4th, 2021).

The Walking Dead stars Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan

The show was among the highest watched shows on television for a time, averaging around 15 million viewers per episode. This all came crashing down on the Season 7 premiere which saw a live audience of 17 Million. This episode saw the debut of Negan and the brutal killings of Abraham and Glenn.

Throughout the season the ratings kept going down and things weren’t too bright among the critics either. The season 7 finale saw 11 million viewers, which is still a considerable viewership but was the least watched finale since season 3. For a while it seemed that the show was heading towards it’s inevitable demise. However they preserved, though ratings kept falling, reaching as low as 5 million viewers(lowest since its inception). The show stumbled and ultimately got back on track by season 10

You can watch the Walking Dead right now on Netflix

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