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Trinamool Congress Joins Hand With Akali Dal To Protest Against Farm Laws


The farmers’ protest is being supported by several political parties and well-known personalities. And the Trinamool Congress Party is one among them.

Trinamool Congress Stands In Solidarity With The Farmers

The farmers protest in New Delhi is becoming with time. Thousands of farmers from Punjab and Haryana are protesting against the bill in New Delhi.


The farmers want the government to reconsider the three farm laws that have been passed with the new farm bill. Thousands of farmers have blocked the Delhi-NCR border roads since weeks. And as of now, there has not been any fruitful results. In fact, the super court has ordered that the protesting farmers should be removed from the borders.

Although the government is not hearing the pleas of the farmers different political parties have assured that they will stand in solidarity with the farmers. The Trinamool Congress party has recently stated that they will support the Akali Dal firmly to oppose the farm bill 2020.


Derek O’Brien, Trinamool MP visited the protest site in Singhu to stand in solidarity with the farmers. The Trinamool Congress has opposed the farm laws from the time the bill was passed. And now the party has assured the Akali dal and the protesting farmers that it will stand by their side and protest till the government agrees to negotiate.

Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee Extends Her Support

The Chief Minister of Bengal Mamta Banerjee has been standing by the farmers since the protest started. As Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien visited Singhu he connected the CM to the protesting farmers through a phone call.

And during that phone call, Mamta showed her complete support to the farmers. She said that she has always understood the plight of farmers and does not want any farmer to suffer because of this cruel law.


She added that she has always been fighting for the rights of farmers. The CM also recalled how the lands of the farmers were about to be seized in 2016 but she went on a complete hunger strike and fought for their rights.

Thus we can expect the Trinamool Congress and the Akali dal to collaboratively oppose the farm laws.

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