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Twin Bomb-Blast in Afghanistan Kills 14, Injures 45

Bomba Blasts Afghanistan

The two bombs were hidden on a busy bazaar street

Bamiyan: A bomb blast in a busy bazar of Afghanistan has led to the death of 14 people and has injured 45 others. The attack took place in Bamiyan City of Afghanistan and is the worst attack the region has seen in years.

The city was considered to be a rather safe location since it is geographically centred around mountains and far from the regions of insurgency. It had not seen such an attack since the collapse of the Taliban back in 2001.

The Kabul government- backed by foreign allies has alwayus had to face the challenge of insurgency and scattered attacks by the Taliban .

The Taliban however have claimed no responsibility for the attack. Over a dozen nations that met at a conference in Geneva pledged to donate billions of dollars to combat the insurgency problem in Afghanistan. The explosives were placed in two separate locations, Bamiyan police spokesman Reza Yosufi said, adding that two suspects had been arrested.

Tariq Arian, a spokesman for the interior ministry confirmed that the death toll in the twin blasts was 14 and every injured person has been rushed to receive emergency medical assistance. “This is an unforgivable crime and we will investigate it to the very core.” said Arian

Local residents witnessed blood and body parts scattered throughout the area, hours after the blast took place.

The local police has arrested two suspects and are further investigating the matter

Bamiyan is the city best known for it’s statues of Buddha which at one point of time were the tallest man-made structure to exists. The statues however are remembered in infamy after the Taliban destroyed symbolic and cultural sites including the Buddha’s of Bamiyan in 2001. Another attempt by the group to erase the rich pre-Islamic history of Afghanistan.

The Buddhas of Bamiyan

The Hazra community that makes up a significant population of the Bamiyan region have long been a target for extremists like The Islamic State and the Taliban.

Afghanistan has seen a steep rise in these insurgency attempts in the past few months with over 6000 people being killed or injured by such attacks in 2020 alone.

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