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Twitter and Facebook spreads misinformation about US election

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FILE - This combination of photos shows logos for social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter moved quickly this week to limit the spread of a disputed tabloid story promising new twists in the saga of Joe Biden’s relationship with Ukraine. President Donald Trump's campaign quickly seized on the story in the New York Post — but the report raised more questions than answers, including about the authenticity of an email at the center of the story. Wednesday morning Oct. 14, 2020, hours after the story's publication, a Facebook spokesman tweeted that the company was limiting its distribution on the platform.(AP Photo/File)

Twitter and Facebook is a social media platforms which is used widely. There are million people who using these platforms to get information and keep them updated with the current happenings.

During US presidential election these platforms made so many confusions and various kind of misinformation was also spread via twitter and facebook. The CEO of twitter and facebook are now answerable for this happenings.


There was a meeting between the CEO of twitter Jack Dorsey and CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg at Senate Judiciary Committee where the whole committee asked so many questions to the CEO’s regarding the issue.

Both of them tried to defend their respective platforms by saying that they handled the situation very carefully and whatever misinformation was spread via the social media sites they managed all of them at the time of US presidential election.

Twitter and Facebook spreads misinformation about US election

The meeting was not face to face, due to this pandemic the committee decided to conduct the meeting virtually. There were many renowned people who attended the meeting such as  Republican Senator, and pro-Trump stalwart, Lindsey Graham.

While the meeting was going on both the CEO’s gave their statement to save their platforms because the scene was very much serious. “We strengthened our enforcement against militias, conspiracy networks, and other groups to help prevent them from using our platform to organize violence or civil unrest in the period after the election,” Zuckerberg said.

The CEO of facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that they had removed over 150 million pieces of flagged content, also the other contents which was related to the US presidential election. On the other hand the ECO of twitter Jack Dorsey added that in between 27 October to 11 November they flagged around 300,000 tweets.

In these social media sites whatever misinformation was available which mislead to the voters, all of them were removed.

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