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Union Health Minister says nothing to worry about the virus strain

 It was on Saturday when British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that London and Southern England in recent weeks is drive by spreading of a new infection rapidly which is seventy per cent more transmissible than the existing strains and it is a very moving new variant of the virus. However, he also said that evidence is not found still that suggests whether the virus is lethal or causes more severe illness or if vaccines will prove to be less effective against the same. Now, not only travel is ban but the same is causing quite concerns for everyone worldwide as the countries not yet fully recovered from the last one.

Union Health Minister on the new virus strain

Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union Health Minister stated on Monday that the new form of new strain of coronavirus that is emerging in the United States is already alerted by the government and also asked not for panicking among the people. Concern is triggered by the new variant of the virus and several counties also have taken prompted actions by barring incoming flights from the UK. Vardhan said that there is no need to get involved with imaginary panic and imaginary situations as of now. Full consciousness is there among the government about everything. He said that there is no reason for panicking in the way as he is seeing in the press conference.

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi shortly after the appeal of Vardhan urged for immediate banning of all the flights from the U.K. by the Centre over the mutation that is a super spreader. The future course of action is yet to be known as the top advisory body of the Health Minister was supposed to meet soon. The meeting would be attended by AIIMS experts, the World Health Organization’s representative, and the Indian Council of Medical Research experts.

Union Health Minister on the Coronavirus Situation

The Coronavirus Situation in the country was spoken by the Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan on Monday as the world continues to battle against the pandemic of COVID-19. The minister was asked if the worst phase of the pandemic is over to which the minister replied that he thinks so it is over. There were about 10 lakh active cases in the country but now they have just only three lakh active cases in the country. Dr Harsh Vardhan also drew a comparison between the developed countries such as the U.S.A and U.K and India. He said that over 1,00,31,223 cases were recorded by India so far and out of which recovery took place for more than ninety-five people.

Dr Harsh Vardhan also said that India has the highest recovery rate and significantly lowest fatality rate as well. Further, the guidelines of the COVID-19 should strictly get followed although the worst is over. There should be a strong note of caution although the worst is over. Relaxations can be afforded by them and the ultimate tool against the pandemic is physical distance, masks, and hand hygiene.

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