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Trump supporters storm US capitol while House certifies Joe Biden victory


The US Capitol is a symbol of Democracy that has been desecrated by the 45th President and his comically ill-informed rioters

Washington: In a continuing story the certification for Joe Biden’s Presidential victory was abruptly put to stop when member of the house and senate had to be evacuated due to Trump-led protestors storming the US Capitol building. In what is very clearly the culmination of at least the beginning of the culmination of every conspiracy theory President Trump has spouted ever since he lost the elections in November.

Mike Pence Evacuated from Capitol Premises

The rally in Washington DC was itself announced and even attended by Trump in what many suspected would end up in violence.

A stand off between Capitol Police and rioters

Representative Mike Gallagher, a republican from Wisconsin had to shelter in place and talked to CNN, pleading president Trump to, “Call it off, tell them I lost, i support a peaceful transition of power, call it off” Adam Kinzinger, a republican from Illinois echoed those sentiments calling trhe incident, “the biggest stain on any republican politician ever, something you would expect to see in Belarus or Iraq, anyone who can call this off must do it, right now.”

Many Confederate flags were seen inside and near the capitol premises

When the initial clashes between the Capitol Police and trespassers began President Trump put out a tweet criticizing Mike Pence for not blocking the due process of democracy. This forced security officials to quickly evacuate the vice president from the premises. Once the protestors got inside the building after breaking glass windows using riot shields, a few made their way outside the senate chambers which were locked.

The session was promptly put to recess however the senators and congressmen could not evacuate due to most of the capitol being infiltrated.

A riotot sitting at the capitol hill

There are currently reports of shots being fired inside the chamber premises. a certain rioter also managed to reach the speakers podium, as can be seen in pictures. currently there’s one confirmed report of a woman being in critical condition due to a bullet hitting her chest in the Capitol premises

Many rioters broke into representative’s offices

Almost an hour after serious violence broke out in Capitol premises, President Trump put out a tweet , “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

Trump’s refusal to ask his rioter to stand down and encouraging them by fueling their false hopes may just be the darkest blemish on Trump’s legacy but as the President has shown time and over again he can stoop lower every given opportunity.

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