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In 2021, just one day after the Virginia legalization bill went into effect, the Youngkin campaign tweeted, “Glenn Youngkin will not seek to repeal [the law].” In particular, DeSteph objected to a provision in the legislation that directed the state to favor marijuana-related business licenses when granting marijuana-related business licenses to groups that have suffered the most from the drug`s criminalization. He said he would have liked legalization to be postponed until 2024 as originally planned to give the state more time to resolve issues with the law. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on Monday announced 16 appointments to three newly created agencies overseeing the legalization of recreational marijuana in the Commonwealth. Interest groups celebrate Thursday as a victory, but also note that there is still work to be done on the legislation. Many retail policies and frameworks will change before sales begin in 2024, and Virginia lawmakers will need to approve marijuana legalization laws again next year at the General Assembly. Governor Ralph Northam accelerated the legalization process because he wanted to end the disproportionate treatment of people of color incarcerated for marijuana-related offences. Virginia lawmakers initially voted to legalize adult recreational use, with plans for the law to take effect in 2024, when retail sales are expected to begin. But after a surge from activists and concerns about three more years of enforcement, lawmakers voted in April to delay legalization until July 1 this year. Retail sales are not expected to begin until 2024. The final bill delayed almost all of its provisions until 2024, but Gov.

Ralph Northam (D) sent the measure back to the legislature to speed up the legalization timeline following an outcry from activists. Until then, people are preparing to take advantage of the new law and start smoking. To celebrate legalization, a group called Virginia Marijuana Justice hosted The Great Commonwealth Cannabis Seed Share on Thursday. Throughout the state, the organization distributes seeds donated by producers. With marijuana legalization fast approaching in the Commonwealth, there may be some confusion about what is legal and what is not. Dyer and Lovato said they have watched other states across the country go through the legalization process and are confident about the industry and Virginia`s new law because there are other models to follow. Democrats countered that the time for legalization had simply come. At Happy Trees in Richmond, Ickes said about 90 percent of their customers are beginners unfamiliar with the growing process. Their turnover has doubled month after month since the legalization was announced, he said, attracting all sorts of buyers. Benjamin says legalization also addresses racial inequality. The transition to legalization is expected to take place a few years later, but comes just a year after marijuana was decriminalized in Virginia. And while some of the property is legal, there is still important information that Virginians need to know.

Follow our guide to learn more about marijuana legalization in Virginia and how it affects people across the Commonwealth. What You Need to Know About Marijuana Legalization in Virginia However, given that these efforts require updating state computer systems as part of a broader erasure initiative, it`s unclear when they will go into effect. JM Pedini works for NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Here`s what you can expect when these new laws go into effect in Virginia on July 1. A final cannabis-related change was introduced just before the last day of voting to ensure that the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes is not interrupted when a processor moves to a new facility, thus avoiding disruption to the availability of products to patients. “Up to 1. In July of this year, it was illegal to possess marijuana, period. The General Assembly had decriminalized it, but it remained illegal. The police could always arrest you, they could always charge you,” said Steve Benjamin, a legal analyst with NBC12. Here`s what you need to know to stay on the right side of the law. Second, the prospect of growing up to four plants is at odds with the one-ounce property limit. As Senator Bill Stanley, R-Franklin, pointed out during a debate, a plant could easily produce multiples of that amount.

“Aren`t we creating a criminal act by growing a plant?” he asked, citing information he attributed to a website called “I like growing marijuana.” Gov. Glenn Youngkin is amending a bill that affects cannabis products that can be sold in Virginia and could impose new penalties for marijuana possession offenses. This is the first time that Youngkin has officially taken a stand in sensitive debates. The legislation also provides for the automatic sealing of previous convictions for marijuana-related offences and creates a petition-based process that allows those convicted of more serious charges to expunge their criminal records. In 2022, the General Assembly will have to review the statutory articles of the law. It must be approved again by the General Assembly in 2022 before it can become law. “We have people who have never grown houseplants to prepare for July 1,” Haynie said. On Ocean City`s boardwalk, arrests of unarmed black men raise questions. Jenn Michelle Pedini, executive director of Virginia NORML, says that if the area is part of the home`s property, it`s considered legal to consume there.

Want to have the best NBC12 stories in your inbox every morning? Register here. Starting July 1, 2021, people 21 and older in Virginia will be allowed to carry up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to four cannabis plants at home, but those hoping to go to a pharmacy to pick up something will have to wait until 2024. Advocacy groups such as Marijuana Justice and Virginia NORML were instrumental in passing the legislation. Now, their efforts are also focused on educating the public. A year after the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Virginia, the booming industry still suffers from growing pains that make it difficult for many patients to benefit from them. And Gastañaga said she believes the permission to grow four plants will trump the property line. “So if you`re growing in your home and you`re following home grow regulations, and you`re not in public, then I think the one-ounce limit doesn`t apply to what you have in your home,” she said. There are currently more than 50,000 enrolled in the program. At the time of adoption, approximately 8,000 applicants were still waiting to be approved. Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee in the gubernatorial race, will not seek to repeal Virginia`s new marijuana legalization law if elected, according to a campaign spokesman.

They also refused to give existing state medical marijuana producers permission to start retail sales earlier, fearing it would give businesses too much of a boost when the market opens. Although the sale of the drug is illegal, legislation allows up to one ounce of the drug to be given to each adult. And lawmakers have emphasized that when they talk about gifts, they really mean gifts. The bill aims to explicitly ban the type of transactions that have become common in Washington, D.C., where the drug is also legal but sales are limited, causing dozens of companies to start selling legal products at high prices, which — regardless, they swear — come with a so-called free gift of marijuana. Vehicles are another story. Marijuana must be in a sealed container or sealed in a moving vehicle. However, it is difficult to define a “sealed container” if it cannot yet be purchased in a store.

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