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NVLSP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been working since 1981 to ensure that the government provides our nation`s 22 million veterans and active-duty employees with the benefits to which they are entitled. Located in the center of the intersection of Highways 5 and 22 in Santa Ana, California, with a satellite office in Tustin, California, VLI is a public interest law firm that provides low-income veterans with the kind of zealous advocacy that helps them achieve a better quality of life. Learn about the life-changing work of the NVLSP since 1981 to help veterans, military personnel and their families. Take a look at our impact report here. Welcome to Stateside Legal, where military members, veterans, their family members and lawyers can find easy-to-use legal information and networking tools. Our Veterans Legal Project is for low-income veterans and active military personnel and their families. Our goal is to provide holistic legal support on a variety of issues, including: The VJP works holistically to protect veterans and their family members from homelessness, remove barriers to employment, maintain economic stability, and address many other issues that impede veterans` successful reintegration into civilian life. The Veterans Legal Project supports the mission of Community Legal Aid by ensuring that those who serve have access to the benefits and services they need to live with their department with dignity. Project staff support veterans and their families through holistic legal services, as well as collaborations for support services with local honor courts, VA hospitals, and veterans` services offices. The Veterans Legal Clinic – its official title in the curriculum is the Veterans Law and Disability Benefits Clinic – includes three collaborative projects: the Veterans Justice Project; the estate planning project; and the safety net project.

In all three projects, students represent veterans and their families in various types of cases. In all of our files, we strive to help veterans and their families achieve the highest levels of stability, dignity and financial well-being. We use creative legal strategies not only to advocate for the individual rights of veterans, but also to implement systemic reforms within institutions and programs designed to support the veterans` community. Through the clinic, students have many legal opportunities, including client and witness interviews, legal research and letters, client advice, negotiations, enforcement practices, evidentiary hearings with opening statements, witness examination and closing arguments, and oral appellate arguments. • “We enrolled in the Veterans Legal Clinic during our first semester of Year 2L after attending the information session together as 1Ls. We both wanted to provide legal services during law school, learn about litigation and work directly with clients. The Veterans Legal Clinic was the perfect opportunity. – Elizabeth Petow Mayo, J.D. `17 and Maile Yeats-Rowe, J.D. `17 Learn more about the VLAP pro bono model. Questions about outreach, partnerships and pro bono opportunities can be sent to [email protected] Provides resources on the national website for lawyers who provide legal services to veterans.

The Veterans Legal Institute (VLI) is proud to announce its annual fundraiser, Lawyers for Warriors, which has raised over $175,000 to help veterans in need. Military service changes a life forever, and generous supporters have ensured that pro bono legal services are available to homeless and low-income veterans. The hybrid face-to-face virtual event took place on November 8, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. and featured notable speakers and inspiring testimonials. All faithfully reflected our commitment to serving the heroes of our communities. Wright Ford Young & Co. remained the main sponsor. Special messages included Medal of Honor recipient Jack H. Jacobs. Recipients included Law Firm of the Year – Sheppard Mullin, Veteran Lawyer of the Year – Sheila-Marie Finkelstein, Community Partner of the Year – Orange County Community Foundation, Veteran of the Year – Andrea Bird-Steiner and Lawyer of the Year – Jeff Roberts. The Veterans Legal Clinic is the primary vehicle used by LSC to meet the legal needs of Veterans. At the Veterans Legal Clinic, we represent veterans (and their survivors) in cases involving VA benefits, Massachusetts veterans benefits, release upgrades, safety net supports, and estate planning matters.

However, the Veterans Legal Clinic is not the only way LSC helps veterans with unmet legal needs. Three other LSC projects place an intense emphasis on the representation of veterans. They are: Thank you to VLI`s supporters, staff, volunteers, Board of Trustees, and U.S. Veterans Academy for recognizing the transformative impact of the Veterans Legal Institute`s free legal aid on low-income veterans and their families by awarding us the National Justice Award. We pledge to continue our good fight to ensure that low-income veterans receive the very justice they stand for. Larry Edwards joined NLSP in January 2014, the coldest month DC has seen in decades. He and his roommate had lost the warmth of their unit. They were deprived of heating for 12 days before realizing that their owner had ended their property without dispute. Edwards, an army veteran, and his roommate, an air force veteran, had been housed in an independent community residence that had contracted with the city. Testimony credited by the court showed that the contractor used to search for at-risk veterans for a short period of time before deporting them without trial.

Edwards` lawyers were able to secure a $122,000 judgment against the contractor. • “My time at the Veterans Legal Clinic has been extremely rewarding. I learned a lot about how the law affects the veterans community on a daily basis and honed my negotiation, advocacy and legal writing skills. But the most enjoyable aspect was the interactions I had with my clients. Being able to learn more about their lives, hear some of their stories, and fight for positive results in their legal affairs was one of the highlights of my time here at Harvard Law School. – Vetan Kapoor, J.D. `17 The ABA`s Veterans Legal Services initiative, developed by ABA President Linda Klein in 2016-2017, covered a wide range of legal issues affecting veterans and was led by a twenty-member Veterans Legal Services Board. During its 2016-2018 period, the Commission developed educational programmes, ABA policies, technology projects, key partnerships with external bodies and other resources.

Current initiatives can be found on the ABA Military and Veterans Affairs Centre website. A web-based platform that matches lawyers who can provide pro bono legal services with veterans who need such services. Many of the veterans we represent have serious health problems. Some clients are older and in poor health, others are younger and have returned from recent overseas assignments with PTSD or traumatic brain injury and other injuries. Students at the clinic often have the opportunity to interact with medical providers and medical experts and work on cases at the intersection of mental health and law. The clinic plays an important role in the community. There are about 400,000 veterans in Massachusetts, and a significant percentage — including far too many homeless veterans and a growing population of female veterans — do not have access to legal representation. The support of this population addresses a huge unmet legal need and provides students with an excellent opportunity to advocate on behalf of those who have served the country and gone through difficult times.

Students work on compelling and topical legal issues, ranging from compensation for military sexual trauma or exposure to Agent Orange to protecting a veteran`s limited assets and access to health care. A one-year initiative by the Young Lawyers Division to inform military veterans of federal benefits available to veterans and help them complete the required paperwork. The Veterans Legal Assistance Project (VLAP) provides free civil legal assistance to low-income veterans in the DC area. Often homeless and disabled, these veterans lack the most basic things: safe and affordable housing, health care, a living income or employment, and protection from exploitation or violence. Many of their problems have a legal dimension and can be mitigated or resolved with the help of a lawyer. The Veterans Legal Institute® (VLI) is one of the few not-for-profit public interest law firms in the country dedicated exclusively to the legal needs of current and former military personnel.

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