Vijay Mallya can not afford his legal fees

Vijay Mallya

Vijay mallya says that he is facing monetary problem and he can afford to pay the fees of his court cases in India or the UK, the fee is so high that he says he will not be able to pay this, The fees is around 14 crore.

Vijay Mallya says that he wants to sale his property of French so that he can pay his court fee. He added that he need to pay to the barrister who was representing him in his bankruptcy case.

Vijay Mallya

Philip Marshall QC is the one who is representing Mallya, has said that he will withdraw the case if Vijay Mallya will not pay the fees to him. Philip Marshall added that Mallya needs too much money to deal with his legal cases in India.

Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya is one of the most richest people and it is very much strange to know that he has scarcity of money. There are so many cases going on, he is cheated so many people and so banks as well.

He cases are not limited to India only he has many legal case other countries as well.

Vijay Mallya

The case was not always similar with him, earlier he had income from consultancy payments and a few other places to get his legal and living expenses paid for, but in this year the scenario has changed and that is why he is facing shortage of money.

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