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Vikings season 7: cancelled or renewed?

Vikings an historic drama written and created by Michael Hirst for History channel a television show by Viacom 18.The show first premiered in March 2013 .

Vikings Synopsis

The show is inspired by the sagas of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok.In the later seasons, it follows the adventures of his successors in England, Scandinavia and The Mediterranean.

Ragnar was a legendary Viking hero, as well as, according to the Gesta Danorum, a legendary Danish and Swedish king. He is known from Old Norse poetry of the Viking Age, Icelandic sagas, and near-contemporary chronicles. According to the traditional literature, Ragnar Lodbrok distinguished himself by many raids against the British Isles and the Holy Roman Empire during the 9th century. According to the sagas Ragnarssona þáttr and Sögubrot of nokkrum fornkonungum, Ragnar Lodbrok’s father was the legendary king of the Swedes, Sigurd Ring.

In january 2019 it was announced that the sixth season will be the final season of twenty episodes.The first ten episodes released in December 2091.The second has half was supposed to release this but the makers I have still not announced the release yet.

vikings season 7

But that’s not the end,Netflix is going to make a sequel of the series named as Vikings :Valhalla which is in development. his series starts a century after the original series and will tell the tales of some of the best known Northmen in history: Leif EriksonFreydis EriksdottirHarald Harada and the Norman King William the Conqueror 


  • Travis Fimmel as Ragnar
  • Katheyrn Winnick as Lagertha
  • Moe Dunford as Aethelwulf
  • Joesefin Asplung as Astrid
  • Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn
  • Lothaire Bluteu as Emperor Charles
  • Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki
  • Jasper as Halfdan the Black
  • Marcia Ilsø as Hvitserk
  • Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless
  • Jennie Jacques as Judith
  • King Ecbert as Linus Roache
  • Peter Franzén as King Harald Finehair
  • Morgane Polanski as Princess Gisla
  • Alyssa Sutherland as Queen Aslaug
  • Clive Stqnden as Rollo
  • David Lindstrom as Sigurd Snake in the Eye
  • Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe
  • John Kavanagh as The Seer.

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