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Vikings Season 7 To Come Back In Parts For The Last Round

Vikings Season 7 Updates

Historical drama series seems to have made a special place for themselves in the hearts of the people. The hit series Vikings which is available to watch on both Netflix and the History Channel has been running for six seasons. With each season, the audience seems to be falling in love with it even more. Well, with six successful seasons, fans are expecting more.

Is There A Trailer For Vikings Season 7 Yet?

As of now, no. Trailers are mostly released a month or a couple of weeks before the release of the series. So we are expecting the trailer for Viking season 7 to follow the similar pattern. There is no official date announced for the release of Viking Season 7 as yet.

Vikings Season 7 Will Be It From The Series

So far, the audience has loved the epic adventure that the series brought with it. Even though there is no official news if Vikings Season 7 is happening. But the makers have revealed that it will be the last season. Well, it’s hard for the fans to say goodbye to the series, the makers ensured that we get the most of it. However, there were rumours earlier this year that Vikings season 7 was cancelled. But the rumours eventually turned out to be false.

As per the reports, Vikings Season 7 will have a total of 20 episodes and will be divided into two. The first part of Vikings Season 7 is expected to be released later this year on Netlflix. And the second part to be out by sometime next year. However, on the History Channel, the first part has already been released. And the second part is expected to be out by later this year.

Vikings Season 7 Walks Us Through Iceland And Adventures {Spoiler Alert}

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Keep your friends close, and your axe even closer…

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Being one of the most watched show on the History Channel, the makes wanted to make sure that they stand up to the expectations of their audience. The story is heavily inspired by the tales of the legendary hero Viking Ragnar Lothbrook. He was known to be very brutal especially with his Scrooge. But the locals considered him their messiah. In the series, we see that Ragnar started as a farmer. He gained fame after he started to rain into England and went on to become the Scandinavian king. The series captures his adventures and those of his sons across Scandinavia, England and the Mediterranean.

The upcoming season will be taking us through Ubbe’s journey as he decided to walk towards Iceland. Along with the chilling adventures of Ivar in Rus. At the same time, with such a shaky ending of the Vikings Season 6, it is difficult to predict the plot for the upcoming one. At least we know the end finale is going to be epic.

Remaining Vikings Cast To Be Back For The Final Round

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Now we remember the final days of the great Ragnar Lothbrok and the aftermath of his death. After returning to Kattegat to see what had become of his sons, Ragnar attempted to mobilize a raid on Wessex, only to find he had lost favor in Kattegat. Out of desperation, he bribed warriors to sail with him and his son, Ivar the Boneless, to England. . Having suffered significant losses during the stormy passage to Wessex, Ragnar and Ivar gave themselves up and were delivered to King Ecbert of Wessex by his son Aethelwulf. Despite past conflict, Ragnar and Ecbert came to an amicable understanding. Ragnar would allow himself to be executed by King Aelle of Northumbria and Ivar would be returned home. . Ragnar accepted his doom without apology. He was dropped from a cage into a pit of snakes. It is said that Odin himself bore the news of his death to Ragnar’s sons. Though Queen Aslaug had been overthrown by Lagertha in Kattegat, the sons of Ragnar banded together to command a great Viking army against England. . Filled with rage over their father’s murder, the sons of Ragnar ravaged the lands of Northumbria, laying waste to King Aelle and his army. They moved against Wessex and overran the Saxon forces commanded by Aethelwulf. In secret, Ecbert ceded his crown to Aethelwulf, who fled. Ecbert signed the lands of East Anglia over to the sons of Ragnar, though he no longer had the power to do so, then took his own life. . . . . . #RagnarLothbrok #IvarTheBoneless #BjornIronside #Lagertha #Kattegat #England #VikingsOnHistory

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We don’t have the official information as yet. But we are expecting that the original cast of Vikings series will be back for the last season. This includes Travis Fimmel, Katheryn, Winnick, Alex Andersen, Morgane Polanski to name a few.