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Vikings Season 7: Are We Getting Another Season Of Vikings?

Vikings Season 7

Vikings Season 7 is being eagerly expected by the fans of this historical drama TV series. This series had six seasons so far and has managed to impress the audience as well as the critics with its amazing storyline. But the question is that are we getting another season of this series?

Vikings Season 7: Are We Getting A New Season?

Vikings Season 7

Vikings Season 7 is highly anticipated by fans owing to the interesting storyline. The sixth season of this historical drama ended with its last episode in February 2020. And since then we have been waiting for the makers to announce a new season.

But sadly History Channel has officially cancelled the show. Therefore we will not get another new season. But we are Definity getting another part of Season 6. Because the sixth season has been divided into two part out of which only the first part has released.

Vikings Season 7

Therefore Season 6 part 2 will release soon and it will be the season finale of this series. Although the release date has not been announced yet we can expect it to drop by early 2021. We hope that Vikings Season 6 part 2 will have a satisfactory end so that we don’t require a new season to answer all our queries left unanswered in the previous season.

Vikings Season 7: Why Do We Need Another Season?

As mentioned earlier that we are not getting Vikings Season 7, but we will get the second part of the sixth season soon. We know that the first part of the season has left us with so many questions. The plot of this series revolves around Viking Ragnar Lothbrok who became the Scourge of England and France.

Vikings Season 7

The plot revolves around his journey and struggles from being a farmer to a powerful Viking. In the last season, we saw that Ragnar has already risen to fame and the plot switched to the journey of his sons in England. In Vikings Season 6 we witnessed that Bjorn has been stabbed by Ivan.

So in the second part, it will be interesting to see how Bjorn recovers and conquers the throne of Kattegat. But we don’t think that the upcoming part of the sixth season will be able to give us a satisfying end. And therefore we need another season so that we can witness the entire journey of Ragnar’s sons in ascending their thrones.

Therefore the makers should consider Vikings Season 7 so that we get a full-fledged ending to this historical drama series.

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