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“Violet Evergarden” Season 2: Are We Getting A New Season?

"Violet Evergarden"

Created by Kyoto Animation “Violet Evergarden” made its debut in 2018 and won the hearts of the audience. It has been three long years since we have been waiting for the second season of this anime series. Has it been announced yet?

“Violet Evergarden” Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled?

"Violet Evergarden"

This anime series won the hearts of the audience with its first season released in 2018. It indeed left all the fans waiting anxiously for the second instalment. Sadly no any official announcement came from Kyoto Animation regarding the renewal of the series.

But the makers have not even officially called off the series. Hence there is still a ray of hope that “Violet Evergarden” might be still on cards. Apart from that, even the ending of the first season left us on a cliffhanger hence a second season has always been inevitable.

"Violet Evergarden"

According to some sources, the makers did not utter anything about the second instalment of the series because they were occupied with the production of the two Violet Evergarden movies which released in 2019 and 2020. So now that they are done with releasing the movies, there are chances that they will finally start working on the second instalment of the series.

Some official sources have speculated that the second season is on the development state. So if things go well then the upcoming season might grace our screens by late 2021 or early 2022.

“Violet Evergarden” Season 2: Plot

Who is not bewitched by the unique and interesting plotline of this series? Well, we all are! An auto memory doll who is in her quest to help a disabled lady complete an unfinished novel.

But the doll named Violet Evergarden has her own tragic past. In the first season, we saw that our protagonist was a brave soldier but lost her everything in a terrible war.

"Violet Evergarden"

We got a glimpse of a very special person in her life aka Major Gilbert, who lost his life is the war. But the story does not end here because in the previous season it was not clear whether Major actually died. Moreover, a few moments before he blacked out he told his alleged lady love something which she could not make out clearly.

So the second season will focus on Violet and Gilbert’s story. Will she be able to find out what Gilbert wanted to convey her at his last moments? Is he still alive? Will they be ever united?

Well, we all want an answer to all these questions.

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