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What Is BTS Rapper Suga’s Estimated Net Worth? Click To Find Out

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The BTS is known as one of the most popular music band in the world. The music group contains seven members and Suga is one of the leading rappers of the group.

BTS: Who Is Suga?

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Suga is the leading rapper of BTS who is also known as Agust D. His real name is Min Yoon-gi but he likes to be addressed by his stage names. Apart from being a rapper, he is also a noted songwriter and a music producer in South Korea. And has many contributions in the field of music in his home country.

Apart from being a part of the BTS since 2013, this music prodigy has released some solo music albums as well. Surprisingly Suga joined the popular K-Pop as a music producer but eventually became one of the lead members. All thanks to his immensely great singing skills.

BTS: How Did Suga Get His Stage Name?

There is a very interesting story about how the popular rapper got the name Suga. During his school days, he was a keen basketball enthusiast and the term ‘Suga’ is the Korean syllable for the word ‘escort.’ And it also has something to do with his sweet looks!

And since then he has been referred by this adorable nickname that eventually turned into his stage name.

Suga’s Journey With The BTS

The 27-year-old rapper has an immense contribution in the music band. Apart from being the lead rapper Suga pens meaningful lyrics as well as produces soulful music for the band.

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In a statement, Suga had revealed that BTS is his soul. And never in his wildest dreams, he can imagine his life without being a part of the band. He also said that all his co-members have become a part of his family and will remain so. Because this band has earned him whatever he possesses today.

Moreover, he is the highest-ranked K-pop stars in the world and this wouldn’t have been possible without BTS.

His Estimated Net Worth

So we know that Suga is some of the most popular K pop stars in the world and has been rocking the South Korean music industry for quite a long time.

Suga is well known for his luxurious lifestyle and currently lives in a $3 million luxury mansion in South Korea. Apart from that, he has innumerable assets to his name. It is speculated that his net worth is approximately equal to 13% of BTS’s total net worth. And that is huge!

The South Korean rapper’s estimated net worth as of 2020 is approximately around $8 million owing to his BTS as well as solo earnings.

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