When Will Mississippi Legalize Online Sports Betting

The BetMGM Mississippi app was launched in September 2021 and allows customers to place bets from anywhere at Beau Rivage Casino and Gold Strike Casino, with the exception of the hotel tower and parking lot. Bettors can download the BetMGM Sportsbook app from anywhere in Mississippi, but they can only place bets if they are physically present on the casino property. After PASPA, there was no way for Mississippi residents to legally bet on sports, either live or online. Mississippi kicked off 2021 with a bang with a total of more than $67 million in bets in January. Still, it`s easy to wonder what the state`s numbers would look like with the legalization of online betting nationwide. Mississippi sports betting apps are likely to become a reality sooner or later. Lawmakers have been showing interest in legalizing online sports betting for several years, and it seems it`s only a matter of time before they reach an agreement on how to regulate it. March 2020: HB 172, a bill to legalize mobile and online sports betting nationwide, dies in committee. The Mississippi Gaming Commission is responsible for issuing sports betting licenses, making regulations as required, approving betting events, and overseeing sports betting behavior. Mississippi decided to legalize gambling in 1990 and hosted its first Riverboat Casino in 1992. In 1994, the first land-based tribal casino followed.

Currently, only retail sports betting is widely available in Mississippi. There are currently 23 casinos, tribal and aquatic, that operate sports betting. Off-site mobile sports betting is illegal in Mississippi, but two MGM Resorts hotels allow guests to use mobile sports betting apps, but only if guests are somewhere on the property. These resorts are Beau Rivage on the Gulf Coast and Gold Strike in Tunica. Yes, sports betting has been legalized in Mississippi. The state`s first sports betting was introduced less than three months after the federal ban on sports betting was lifted. Today, nearly 30 stationary sports bets are in operation. There is no online sports betting available nationwide in Mississippi. Some sports bets offer bettors a mobile betting option when they are on the casino grounds, but these apps are tied to the location of their partner casinos. Currently, only BetMGM is live in Mississippi and players can only use sports betting if it is physically located on the property of a partner casino.

As retailers want to protect their interests in sports betting, it may take some time for mobile sports betting to become mainstream. You can sign up with an online bookmaker from your smartphone or laptop, so you can bet from the comfort of your own home. There are always bonuses at the best sports betting that can help you double your bankroll and win more in the long run. March 2017: Daily fantasy sports competitions are legalized in Mississippi. The language banning sports betting will be removed from the updated DFS Act (HB 967), removing the national ban on sports betting. McDaniel said it remains to be seen whether lawmakers would approve mobile sports betting off-site. Lawmakers have already rejected efforts to legalize off-site mobile betting. September 2021: BetMGM launches the first online bookmaker in Mississippi, allowing bettors to place mobile bets while visiting a BetMGM bookmaker. Mississippi sports bettors can place physical bets on nearly 30 sports bets. Online bets can only be confirmed on casino property. Last year, the state took $370 million in bets, $44 million in operator revenue and $5 million in tax revenue.

These numbers would be multiplied by ten if sports bettors did not have to go to a physical casino to place a bet. Except as otherwise provided in article 97-33-8, if a person encourages, promotes or plays a game, game or amusement other than a fight or fight between dogs, for money or other things of value, or promotes or promotes the betting or betting of money or other things of value on a game, a game, entertainment, cockfighting, Indian ball game or duel, except in the case of a fight or fight between dogs, or depending on the outcome of an election, event or contingency on his conviction, he shall be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00); and, unless such fine and fees are paid immediately, shall be imprisoned for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days. Mississippi launched legal sports betting less than three months after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Bookmark this page and rediscover important developments, including the legalization of online sports betting and casinos in Mississippi. We will list the best betting options for Mississippians as soon as they become available. Another option if you can`t physically get to these places is to bet on the internet with online sports betting. No. Mississippi has legalized sports betting only through sports betting at licensed casinos.

Mississippi online sports betting is limited to customers who place bets via mobile apps on the casino grounds. BetMGM was the first bookmaker to open in two locations on August 1, 2018. Today, Mississippi is home to more than two dozen physical sports betting. Mississippi begins offering sports betting in August. While the law allows sports betting, it only allows sports betting made in person at authorized locations or bets made using apps on mobile devices in those locations. BetMGM is currently the only online bookmaker present in Mississippi. Players at Beau Rivage and Gold Stroke casinos can currently access BetMGM online sports betting if they are located on the property of one of the casinos. Mississippi has many other sports teams and competitions, from the Mississippi State Bulldogs basketball team to numerous college football teams. The recent legalization means that all their games are legally available to bet as long as you go to a casino. June 15, 2022: The Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC) reports a $29.2 million sports betting transaction in May, the lowest monthly total since August 2021. Some Mississippi sports betting allows you to register before visiting the casino. This convenience is mainly neegated by the obligation to visit a casino to make your bets.

The Mississippi House Gaming Committee creates the Internet Gaming Taskforce. The task force is reviewing online gaming for a fact-finding mission and notes that there are many issues that prevent sports betting from being an attractive proposition in the state. In 2019, Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi became the first casino to offer pari-mutuel betting on races across the country. February 10, 2022: Fubo Gaming announces that it has entered into a market access agreement to operate in Mississippi, subject to regulatory approval and legalization of mobile sports betting in MS. The Fubo Sportsbook is online in two states (Arizona, Iowa) but has agreements with 10 state regulators. Lawmakers introduced three bills in early 2021 to approve mobile betting nationwide, but all three died in committee. The Ole Miss Rebels represent the University of Mississippi and are one of the dominant track and field programs in a state known for its love of college sports. However, the FanDuel bookmaker is still not available for Mississippi players.

Since Magnolia State does not yet offer legal and widespread online sports betting, players cannot access sports betting features within the state`s borders. On August 1, 2018, Mississippi adopted its first legal bookmaker, becoming the fourth state to board. They offer on-site betting on physical sports betting and offer mobile betting locally. However, everyday fantasy sports are completely legal in Mississippi. This means that players can wager real money through DraftKings` DFS platform. Sports betting in Mississippi offers players plenty of betting opportunities. You shouldn`t have trouble finding moneyline bets, over/unders, spread points, parlays, live bets, teasers, futures and more. August 2018: BetMGM becomes the first bookmaker to go online in Mississippi.

While Mississippi hasn`t been able to cross the finish line so far, many online sports betting have everything in place to launch mobile betting if lawmakers pass a bill. On August 1, 2018, the first sports bets were placed with local retailers in Mississippi. With Mississippi paving the way for the relaxation of gambling laws, it looks like online sports betting will come in the next few years. There is no guarantee that this will happen, but the winds of change are blowing firmly in that direction. The law on fantastic sports was passed, but not without controversy. A faction of lawmakers opposed to sports betting realized they had unwittingly signed the legalization of sports betting and introduced a bill to reinstate the ban. However, these efforts were unsuccessful, and sports betting has been legal in MS ever since. Pari-mutuel horse betting is available at licensed casinos in Mississippi. CONTACT Sports and Racebook at Palace Casino Resort (Biloxi) was the first casino on the Gulf Coast to accept legal betting on horse racing in 2019. FanDuel also has an excellent rewards and bonus program, with a great focus on parlay betting.

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