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Which is the only Continent without coronavirus?

only continent without coronavirus

If you are looking to know the only Continent without coronavirus. Its Antarctica, the only continent without a coronavirus. It seems unreal to know that the world has been hit by the pandemic for almost six months. Antarctica manages to stay away from coronavirus as the world faces for nine months, The people across the world impose lockdowns of varying in an increase of cases, workplaces, schools, and colleges have been closed for almost nine months and restrictions on group gatherings are still on. Even though, there is one continent that is untouched with the novel coronavirus. Antarctica is considered one of the most isolated and coldest places in the world.

Antarctica is the only continent without coronavirus

only continent without coronavirus

Many people who are living in Antarctica, have said that “it’s about mental to think how lucky we are”. There are almost one thousand people who live in darkness and isolation at various base stations throughout Antarctica during the harsh winter months. As winter comes close, a group of people is working to ensure that coming people for the summer rotation do not bring Covid-19 to the continent at any cost.

There is no coronavirus in Antarctica, yet few people are allowed to enter and to go out of Antarctica who does not have the capacity to contain an illness and spread. Those who will begin coming during the summer will be sent a two-week quarantine at the arrival and at gateway cities like South Africa, Cape Town, and Christchurch, New Zealand. there will also be having testing measures.

only continent without coronavirus

The head of Antarctic sciences for the U.S. program with the National Science Foundation has issued a statement stated that It will be their highest priority to ensure Covid-19 doesn’t enter the continent. People love to go on trips to Antarctica. It is impressive for the world Antarctica manages to keep away from COVID-19.

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