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Who is Cindy Mccain, becomes second Republican to support Biden for President

Cindi Mccain

On Tuesday, Democrat Joe biden has said that Cindy Mccain has planned to support him for President. Its just stunning move made by her to rebuke with President Donald Trump over his remarks on her husband John Mccain. Trump has had a danger relation with members of John McCain’s family since he has given poor opinions of the Arizona law maker during his 2016 campaign. But the McCains have stopped short of supporting Trump’s rivals.

The president Donald Trump has publicly criticized McCain on different occasions. During his compaign, he criticized John Mccain. he said he used to be war hero who was captures, he doesn’t like captured. He further called John Mccain losers, suckers.

Cindi Mccain

Joe Biden took an advantage of Trump criticizing John Mccain by telling donors what he said about John Mccain and his sons. he actually directed his comments on President Donald trump’s remark. Mrs Cindy McCain had not been expected to offer before an explicit endorsement of Biden, but she took twitter to show support to Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Cindy Mccain Tweets about Joe Biden

Mrs Cindy McCain tweeted on Tuesday stated Her husband John Mccain lived by a dialog “country first.” They can be Republicans, ofcourse but Americans first. There’s only one candidate in this race who may stands up for their values as a nation, and that is Joe Biden.” she also told on to a video that aired during the Democratic National Convention. She focused on Biden’s close friendship with her late husband.

John McCain revealed in 2016 that he wouldn’t support Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016, because Trump’s demeaning comments about women. It was not pleasant for him to renounce the nominee of his party,” McCain told during a debate as he got his sixth term in the Senate. “He won the nomination fair and square.”

Cindi Mccain

The McCains’ daughter Meghan McCain has spoken about the pain that she feels when the president called losers, sucker to her father. It was also confirmed that Trump wasn’t invite to John McCain’s funeral.

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