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Why People are getting creative with their iOS 14 app icon logos for iPhone

iOS 14

People are getting creative with their app icon logos for iOS 14. Let me tell you that iOS 14 have been rolled out recent with many of its new feature that are being loved by iphone users. Apple ecosystem is in trends because of its widget and home screens icons customization for Iphone users. People are going crazy for its news feature. Through this article we will discuss what more feautures have been given to its users and how to use them. If you are looking to know those features, you have come at the right place. As we discussed why iOS 14 is trends.Because app icons and widget customizations, It allows them to create new app logos in iOS 14 according to the theme and their choice. Here we have decided to share with some news app customization and themes which has been update in iOS 14. Here we go

iOS 14
iOS 14

What are Top iOS 14 features for users ?

Here, we are going to discuss about iOS 14 features for its users. We will explain everything about iOS 14 with a very simple way. There are several changes that has been updated to its new version.

Improved Siri: Siri has been improved with new a Indian ancent and it also doesn’t cover full screen as it used to do.

Translation in Eleven language: Apple has given us translation app that works offline with different 11 eleven languages for now. We will not require google translation anymore.

Pop-up call: Pop up call is a new feauture in iPhone. If you are using phone and suddenly comes up a call, it will not cover full screen. It will notify you like a notification.

Widgets and App icon:  As we have discussed in introductory part, Widgets and app icon customizations havde been given with themes.

Download over mobile data: It was one of the biggest issue for iphone users that has been resolved. Now Iphone users can update software with mobile data and can also be able to download application without any wifi. 

Apps library and Document fonts: Apps library in iOS 14 has an App Library for customizing the applications on the iPhone. The apps get automatically arranged in the App Library.

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