Wilson Evil Mother, 21, Brutally Injured Her Baby While Fighting With Boyfriend


A mommy viciously harmed her 2-month-old infant while in a match along with his fan. Guardian Marie Webb was actually jailed and also demanded after she harmed her infant in the scalp, and also the child is actually right now terminally ill. The identification of the child is actually certainly not shown. The mom and also partner dealt with several fees for this.

Mother Was Trying To Stab Her Boyfriend

Webb was actually making an effort to crack partner Eusebio Munoz, however she missed out on to perform that and afterwards harmed her infant given that Munoz was actually keeping the infant back then. The little bit of baby went through ruthless accidents in the scalp and afterwards offered the medical center for the therapy. The infant is actually right now in the critical care unit.

Wilson County officer’s replacements additionally affirmed the case that an infant was actually injured taking place coming from a match in the middle of Angel Marie Webb and also Eusebio Munoz Jr.

Charges And Punishments

The police held the mother and also her boyfriend as they were responsible for the critical condition of the baby, but now they are freed. Webb faced fees of offense child abuse causing serious bodily injury and also misdemeanor attack with a dangerous weapon. On Wednesday, she was freed on a $5,000 secured bond.

The partner also cleared on a $5,000 bond, and he dealt with fees of misdemeanor kid manhandling.

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