Wisconsin Mall Shooting Leaves 1 Dead


A fatal shooting took place at a mall in Northern Wisconsin a few days back. This incident cost the life of one person and injured another.

Wisconsin Mall Shooting Kills One


This incident took place at a shopping mall at Wisconsin where an unidentified shooter fatally fired a gun inside the mall premise. And as a result of that, a person lost his life whereas another person was left injured.

As of now the shooter has not been caught yet. The police are trying to nab the shooter as soon as possible. As per the witnesses the shooter was unrecognizable as he entered the mall at around 3.30 pm and fired the gun.


It resulted in a rush among people as the bullet hit two persons leaving one dead and another fatally injured.

Motive Unknown

The Wisconsin Police has not yet released any information about the victims as well as the convict so far. As per reports the shooter has still not be identified yet and is feared to have been on the loose.

Thus raising concerns about a similar attack. As of the real motive behind the shooting is not yet known. But it can be assumed as a personal or political grudge.


The cops have been recording personal statements from the eyewitnesses are claiming that the convict will be nabbed soon. This was not the first time that something like this has happened in the region.

Last year, several such fatal shooting took place in the region leaving many injured and dead.

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