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We are the local family law firm with offices in Inglewood and Midland, we are able to provide first class legal services to clients throughout the Perth metropolitan area. We focus on results, not maximizing customer billing. Our family law lawyers are cost conscious and work to get the best result in the fastest way. The first course of action for our family law lawyers is to fully investigate the possibility of resolving your parenting issue by consent. Consent is the fastest and most cost-effective way to resolve custody disputes, but it is not always available to all clients. – Consent orders for married or common-law couples in relation to parenthood and/or financial arrangements. It is imperative that children come first when a relationship breaks down and that their safety and well-being are a priority at WLM Legal. We work tirelessly to ensure your children meet their needs without stress or undue delay. The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is a very stressful event and often people find it very easy to forget to look into their future.

We specialize in real estate matters arising from family law events and work tirelessly to ensure our clients move towards a brighter future. The simple answer is that our customers can trust us. A divorce or relationship breakdown is a stressful time for the parties involved, but no more so than for the children, who are often unable to understand exactly what is going on and why a parent is no longer in the house. If there is no real prospect of reaching agreement on an issue, our family law lawyers are able to help arrange a Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) meeting with an accredited practitioner. WLM Legal is a family law firm that strives to provide the best family law representation in Perth at affordable prices, as justice should be accessible to all, not just a few. We offer a high quality, attentive and understanding service at market prices, because at WLM Legal, the success of our clients is our priority. This process is called consent orders and is often a much less expensive way to resolve land disputes arising from the breakdown of a marriage. Sometimes these problems can be resolved without having to grovel in court. We work almost exclusively in family law. This means that our family law lawyers are always able to answer even the most difficult questions you may have regarding your family law matters. We specialize in family law matters, including but not limited to property matters, children`s issues, consent decisions and divorce proceedings.

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