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World Teacher’s Day 2020: UNESCO Celebrates Online With COVID-19 Theme

World Teachers Day 2020

October 5 every year has been marked as the World Teacher’s Day to honour the world of educators around the world. It’s a tradition by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations to have a theme for every year. And for World Teacher’s Day 2020, the theme is “Teachers: Leading In Crisis, Reimagining The Future”. 

World Teachers Day 2020

World Teacher’s Day 2020: New Theme Highlights Teaching Amidst Pandemic 

The new theme for World Teacher’s Day 2020 honours the time and efforts the teachers around the world had put into teaching their students. When the lockdown was imposed worldwide, education for many students suffered. And the overcome that, Teachers took to online platforms to teach their students. With the lack of training and lack of time to understand the intricacies of online teaching, the teachers had shown tremendous efforts in making sure that students don’t suffer because of the pandemic. 

For this year, UNESCO has collaborated with the International Labour Organization and Education International to honour the teachers. 

World Teacher’s Day 2020: Teachers Showed Exceptional Leadership During Pandemic 

As per the UNESCO reports, COVID-19 pandemic and the following world complete lockdown affected the learning of over 1.6 billion learned. It is more than 90 per cent of the student population across the globe, along with 63 million primary and secondary teachers around the world. However in a joint statement released by the UNESCO, International Labour Organization and Education International, said that in a health crisis like the pandemic, teachers had shown leadership qualities and adaptive abilities to new technology and change. They have always continued to do so. They said that the world worked collectively and individually to over-come the pandemic related challenges and create learning environments for the students. Teacher’s roles in planning and supporting students in times like these will be remembered. 

World Teachers Day 2020

The statement further added that this is the time when we appreciate our teachers more. And also extend education to every child and youth. It said that it is now that we allow everyone who wants to learn, to enrol themselves and educate and encourage others as well. UNESCO and other organizations share the vision of giving equal access to every student around the world. The celebrations for the World Teacher’s Day 2020 were conducted online this year. 

“Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.” – Helen Caldicott.

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