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“You” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates


“You” is one of the most popular Netflix psychological thriller that has earned amazing responses from the audience as well as the critics. We have been entertained with two nail-biting seasons so far and now we are waiting for the third season to grace our Netflix screens.

“You” Season 3: Release Date


The Netflix psychological thriller series first released in 2018 and won the hearts of the audience. After this the next season released in 2019. Post the release of the seasons we all have been awaiting the release of “You” Season 3.

The third season was expected to release in 2020 but the coronavirus pandemic caused a major delay in the production process. There were also speculations that Netflix might actually cancel the series. But thankfully the OTT platform renewed the series for the third season.


The confirmation came on January 14, 2021. And the filming is expected to start by mid-February. So take a wild guess we can expect “You” Season 3 to release either by end of 2021 or 2022.

“You” Season 3: Plot

A man who makes love an obsession and turns in a psychopath. The story is about Joe Goldberg who gets obsessed with any women he gets attracted to.

In both the seasons, we saw the different shades of Joe Goldberg. Sometimes he is just a decent bookstore manager and the very next time he turns into an obsessive lover stalking his lady love to a big extent.

The previous season left us with Joe trying to mend his ways as he leaves his native city to start a new life at a place. Initially, it looked like he was actually getting over his obsessive nature but not before he fell in love with another lady. His habit of excessive stalking came back.


Things took a turn when Love Quinn enters his life. She is someone who possesses the same traits as him. Both of them fall in love and settle together. We also found out that Quinn is obsessed for Joe and she killed some ladies who were associated with Joe in the past. So in “You” Season 3, we will get a glimpse of Joe and Quinn’s life together.

How will the actual deal with each other’s obsessive nature? Will they be together forever or their obsessive will ruin their lives? It will be quite interesting to get an answer to all these questions.

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